18 billion agricultural support was provided in 310 years

billion years of agricultural support was provided
billion years of agricultural support was provided

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli came together with the representatives of the Adana agriculture, forestry sector with videoconference method.

In the speech he made at the meeting, he stated that they have been doing the interviews for a while due to coronavirus through video conferencing.

Emphasizing that this meeting was the second sector meetings, where he met with stakeholders from Adana, Minister Pakdemirli continued as follows: As the Ministry in the course of the epidemic, as a Ministry, we immediately created all our precautions and planning. In the pandemic process, as we continue to monitor the entire process 2/7, we will continue to work with the same diligence and dedication. However, without leaving precaution and planning; We intend not to leave an uncultivated land, especially by bringing agricultural treasury lands to production. Because this pandemic process is neither the first nor the last. And after this pandemic where we watched the trial version; For the agriculture and future of our country, we have to wait for "be ready", not "comfortable" for all kinds of situations and situations.


In this pandemic process, Minister Pakdemirli said that if our basic need was not a problem in terms of food supply, this was thanks to the strong Agriculture and Forest infrastructure, which was invested on investment in 18 years, provided an agricultural support of 310 billion TL.

“To me, in 18 years; We increased our agricultural product by 7,5 times, built 585 dams, planted 4,7 billion saplings, increased our seed production by 8 times, increased our cattle assets by 80 percent, increased our sheep and goats by 51 percent, plus our 18 billion dollar agricultural exports and 5,3 billion It is necessary to state again and again that we have become a net exporter in agriculture with our dollar foreign trade surplus.

Together with the Presidential Government System, we have achieved a tremendous increase in our support. In 2018, our farmer; While we were giving 14,5 billion Turkish Liras of agricultural support, this figure increased to 2019 billion Turkish Liras in 16,1.In 2020, we increased our support by 52% to 22 billion Turkish Liras. We allocated 55% of our budget to our farmers, namely agricultural supports.

With the support we have provided, our increase in agricultural production has gained momentum. Our country today; It has become the leader in Europe, leaving behind European countries in terms of agricultural gross national product. Our agricultural product has increased by 2% in 45 years to 275 billion lira. When we evaluate the last one-year process, we achieved a 26% increase ”


Underlining that they have started to implement the decisions taken in the Agriculture-Forestry Council together, Pakdemirli continues to strengthen our agricultural infrastructure. In this sense, we have launched the Digital Agriculture Market “DİTAP”, which is one of the most important outputs of our 3rd Agriculture Forestry Council action plans and our first step in the expansion of contract agriculture. Hopefully, with DİTAP, our farmers from Adana can easily find a market for their products, and our consumers and tradesmen can supply the product with the quality and standard they are looking for. Small business owners and capital owners will meet with equal rights in the same environment. More than 3 farmers have registered in the system since launch. I would like you to follow the developments related to the Digital Agriculture Market (DİTAP) closely and get involved in the system as soon as possible. Also; The Agricultural Forest Academy, which we launched and gave the first lesson, is; We have presented to you, our esteemed farmers, producers and all our stakeholders. He thinks that you will benefit a lot, and I expect you to attend our classes. ”

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they announced the “Protect Your Food, Protect Your Table” Campaign with their digital launch last month and said “We highly care about this campaign. Because in our country, unfortunately, 18,8 million tons of food goes to waste every year. However, if we create accurate awareness, only 2% improvement in food losses and waste in our country means saving 10 Billion Liras. This corresponds to the minimum subsistence figure of 360 thousand families for 1 year. For this reason, we now say, "Save food, protect your table."


Emphasizing that Adana undertook an important burden of our agricultural production, Minister Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“It is at the forefront of the production of many herbal products, almost 60% of soy, 53% of peanuts, 32% of citrus fruits and about 10% of cotton production. It is ranked 10rd in our country with 3% of the total honey production. Adana has been in the last 18 years; Plant production value increased by 5,3 times to 6,8 billion lira; It increased its animal production value by approximately 10 times, to 3 billion lira. Adana with 9,8 billion pounds in the value of agricultural production in the 6th place in Turkey "

The saturating Turkey Adana, Praise stated that they never leave alone Pakdemirli "We gave Adana 18 billion lira last 15,2 years, agricultural support. Within the scope of Supporting Rural Development Investments; We paid a total of 228 million TL for grant support for 94 projects. As a result of the investments made with the grants we paid, 1.600 people were employed. We showed special sensitivity to our pastures, which are indispensable to animal husbandry, and completed the pasture improvement works in 60 thousand decares. We also paid about 60 million Turkish lira forage crops support to Adana. 11 dams, 1 pond and 56 flood protection facilities are some of the achievements of Adana for 18 years. In order to enable our farmers to plant their fields more easily, and to save time and fuel, we have registered land consolidation in 1,1 million decares in Adana. On the other hand, by bringing 870 thousand decares of land together with water, we have provided our farmers with an annual income of 700 million TL.

We also worked without stopping in the forestry sector, and we continue to work. Adana, 251 million 500 thousand saplings, 14 honey forests, 18 promenade places, 10.303 families living in Orman neighborhoods, 77 million Lira ORKÖY loan and grant support, 5000 thousand saplings we planted in 5000 neighborhoods within the scope of the 292 Forestry Project to 855 Villages, Green Adana was one of the biggest achievements ”

Stating that they lived an 7-year period that provides service to 81 provinces and 18 provinces, Minister Pakdemirli said, “In 2019, we have carried out pasture improvement works on 7 decares within the scope of 22.622 projects. In the districts of Sarıçam, İmamoğlu, Karaisalı and Seyhan, we distributed 36 mobile milking machines to our producers.

Within the scope of "Fruit Growing Project"; We distributed 950 almond seedlings to our 71 producers for 26.000 decares in Boztahta, Topallı and Yüksekören Neighborhoods.

Within the scope of the collective struggle on Mediterranean Fruit in 2019; We provided a total of 347 million TL support to our 1,5 farmers in the fight against biotechnics. We established the Fisheries Growing Region between Karataş-Yumurtalik districts in order to produce 30.000 tons of aquaculture annually at sea. We allocated 1.000 tons of parcels to investors and investment processes started. In order to start investment and employment as soon as possible, the TOPLU EIA system is being implemented for the first time in Adana. We hurry because this project will bring about 200 million dollars annually to Adana with the Organized Fisheries Region.

As part of the Rural Development Investments Support Program, we started implementing 2019 rural development projects in 41. We supported the projects with a total investment amount of 33,6 million TL with a grant of approximately 15 million TL. In addition, within the scope of KKYDP, we supported 6,8 irrigation projects with a grant of 139 million TL last year, with a total investment amount of 3,4 million TL. In the meantime, for the health of our citizens, we have carried out approximately 33 thousand 115 food inspections in Adana ”.


Touching on the services and investments to be made in Adana in 2020, Minister Pakdemirli said, “As the Ministry, we have allowed 150 tons of onion and 50 tons of preliminary export in potatoes so as to“ protect our producers, protect our consumers ”and maintain the supply-demand balance in some products. . Starting today, export preliminary permits for potatoes and onions will be issued by our provincial directorates. All export applications will be finalized as soon as possible, as it has been until now. ”



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