Turkey's First Rail Car Battery was produced by the ASPİLSAN

turkiyenin was produced by the first rail systems akuyu Aspilsan
turkiyenin was produced by the first rail systems akuyu Aspilsan

ASPİLSAN Energy, owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation with 98% share, was established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone on May 21, 1981 with the donations made by citizens of Kayseri.

The company, whose main purpose is to meet the needs of the recharged nickel cadmium battery, which is the basic needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, has achieved great improvements in the past period, and today it has increased its product range to over 150, for all kinds of civil and military back-to-hand radios, combat vehicles, aircraft and helicopters. became able to produce complete batteries.

Murat Kaan, Director of Aviation and Rail Systems of ASPİLSAN, said in the statement that since 1981 they have produced single nickel cadmium aircraft / helicopter batteries in the country. Stating that they have a serious experience arising from this production, Kaan stated that they also took action to produce rail systems batteries.

Designed by ASPİLSAN and appropriate standards produced by meeting, also carrying a first attribute rail vehicle batteries in Turkey (Rolling stock batteries), for the first time in Kayseri Transportation A.Ş. Kaan said they tested vehicles, the battery in terms of reliability and performance Approved, ASPİLSAN Energy Rail System Vehicle Batteries used in the rail system market, tram, metro, high speed train etc. He said it can be used in all vehicles.

Stating that they have been carrying out R&D activities for about 3 years on battery, Kaan said that we developed the more preferred nickel fiber cadmium technique in rail systems and that the developed product has a serious market share and they set out to fill the gap in the market share of countries such as Germany, France and China. .

Stating that there is a battery that will compete with its competitors in terms of capacity and performance at the point of technology, Kaan also has a more advantageous product in terms of price and performance. We will take it to a better level when we start mass production. Fiber Ni-Cd batteries, has the distinction of being the first rail vehicle batteries designed and manufactured by ASPİLSAN in Turkey. After that, we want to translate this work into mass production. There is a market that reaches about 1 billion dollars and he said that we will succeed first.


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