Latest Tips Before LGS and YKS Exam

Last tsuos before lgs and yks exam
Last tsuos before lgs and yks exam

One week to LGS and two weeks to YKS. So what should candidates do on the last level? Is the course studied until the last day? Is there any advice from around? Does insomnia decrease exam success? Experts told their tips about the last week.

In the program "At the Way of the Road", where the agenda of the training is discussed, Görkem İldaş spoke with the education experts about the things to be done day before the LGS and YKS exams. Education Specialist Hasan Atasoy, Marmara College Guidance Coordinator Nevin Çiftel and Correct Answer Education Institutions CEO Hami Koç both gave tips to candidate students and shared their predictions about the new academic year.

For the LGS exam, 1 million 800 thousand candidates will take the exam on Saturday, June 20, while YKS will compete for 2,5 million candidates on June 27-28. Nevin Çiftel, Marmara College Guidance Coordinator, said that the candidates should complete their final preparations for the academic, social, emotional and physical condition before the exam, and said that there is no obstacle for the candidates to study until the last moment. "Being empty can cause emotional fatigue, academic preparation should never be stopped," Ciftel said. Saying that it would be better to do exam training instead of learning a new subject, Çiftel said, “They should do the exams in the form of simulation of the real exam. It should start in real time and end in the given time. ” said. Çiftel listed other suggestions about the exam as follows.

Not only academic preparation, but tactical preparation is also important. The test that each student is successful and the area where it is fast is different. So every student has to find his own style. Let them review their tactics, their duration last week. They should not change tactics during the exam.

If you get stuck on a question in the exam, don't be stubborn with the question. Getting stuck on one question can cost three questions.

There are many students who do not get the results they expect due to coding errors. They must test themselves by making coding in non-trial exams.

What you feel is more important than who says what. Everyone says something in good faith, but don't hear it.

Avoid heavy activities that will cause you injury in the last week. If you don't have a breakfast habit, get it. Having your breakfast that you are not used to on the day of the exam can rest your stomach.

Do not worry that you could not sleep the night before the exam. Your exam will not be bad because you are sleepless one night.

Right Answer CEO of Education Institutions Hami Koç also addressed LGS candidates. Koç said, “They should try to prepare as much as they can until the exam day. Life is not exam indexed. When they pass the exam, they will see that their lives continue happier. ” said.

Expressing the preparations for the new academic year, Koç said that as of August 15, schools will be opened for compensation education due to the distance education process, but compensations will continue throughout the year. Explaining that schools are very sensitive about hygienic measures, Koç said, “Our parents and students should not worry about cleaning and education. The precautions are taken at the highest level, our academic preparations are continuing intensely. ”

Expressing that the digitalization process, which is obligatory with the distance education process, will be permanent, Koç said that at least a 10% share in the new curriculum will be online trainings. Expressing that the teachers gave a very good examination in this process, Koç stated that the teachers will be supported with in-service trainings for the future.


Education Specialist Hasan Atasoy, on the other hand, said that due to the impact of the corona crisis, the candidates are much more determined to settle this year, especially the candidates studying in the last year of high school and the candidates who did not settle last year will try to register in a department to benefit from the changes made this year. Atasoy stated that especially high school final candidates predict that their preparation to take the exam for the next year will decrease. Stating that the demands of university candidates for health related departments will decrease, Atasoy stated that the candidates would prefer programs where they can do individual work with a diploma such as engineering and law. Atasoy added that due to the expectation of the economic crisis, the candidates expected that they would prefer the undergraduate programs of the public universities, then the associate degree programs of the state universities and then the foundation university degree programs.

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