Mosques are disinfected in Izmir
35 Izmir

Mosques are Disinfected in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started disinfection works at the mosques that will be reopened on Friday in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. In line with the circular of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ministry of Interior, on 29 May Friday [more…]

new hope for bursa high speed train project
16 Bursa

New Hope for Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project!

Last week… Drivers using the Ring Road encountered a surprise construction work. This was the work of completing the section in the middle of the road that was missing from the viaduct that would transfer the high-speed train line from the Ring Road near Çağlayan Village to the Oxygen Facilities opposite. So [more…]

Misunderstood city legends about LPG
06 Ankara

LPG Misunderstood Urban Legends

LPG, which is regarded as the 'fuel of the future' in fuels due to being economical and environmentally friendly, is the subject of misconcepted urban legends in our country. Encouraged to be used by the European Union [more…]

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