How Many Bicycles Are There in the World?

How many bicycles are there in the world
How many bicycles are there in the world

While data on bicycles were collected from 2000 to 2019, it turned out that there were approximately 1 billion bicycles in the world. While there is no exact figure, almost half (450 million) of the bicycles were seen in China.

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press analyzed the news items reflected in the press about bicycles. According to the information compiled by Ajans Press and PRNet from the digital press archive, it was found that in 2000, there were news on bicycles related to 4 thousand 56 presses. Today, the number of news released since the beginning of 2019 was 53 thousand 246. As the news released during the year increased, it was seen that the bicycle tours and the recent bicycle routes were on the agenda. Especially after the quarantine process, bicycle sales and usage will increase.


According to information obtained by Agency Press from data, it turned out that there are approximately 1 billion bicycles in the world. While the exact figure is not given, many of the bicycles (450 million) were found to be in China. Other countries in the top 5 were the USA with 100 million, Japan with 72 million 540 thousand, Germany with 62 million, and Brazil with 40 million. Turkey which suggests in this list, the number of bicycles in Copenhagen in 2016, the country is more than cars açıkladı.b as well as the bicycle while places Denmark at the beginning of the friendly countries, revealed that 10 people from 9 was cycling. Among the EU countries, the biggest bicycle importer was among the other information given that it was England.

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