10 mistakes that should not be made in the coronavirus process

The error that should not be made in the coronavirus process
The error that should not be made in the coronavirus process

The Great Place to Work Institute supports companies to support employer brands and empower corporate culture. According to the Institute's data, businesses with a trust culture increase their economic returns 3 times compared to their competitors.

Supporting companies to build and develop trust-based corporate culture, Great Place to Work shared 10 tips that companies should consider during the coronavirus period. Among the things that should not be done by companies; There are items such as firing talented employees, cutting technology investments, ignoring risk, stopping product development, replacing growth-focused CEOs with cost-cutting CEOs. In addition to these, risky decisions to remain closed to global developments or changes, to remove the main strategy from innovation, to change performance criteria, to strengthen the hierarchy instead of cooperation and to retire to high-walled castles.

Productivity increases 3-fold, turnover rate is reduced by 50 percent

joining Recognition Program Great Place to Work® Certified titles eligible for the companies first step in a great workplace that journey stating at the Great Place to Work Turkey General Manager Eyüp soil, certificates of advantages about was passed the following information: "In our analysis of the contribution to the business success of the high-trust culture we can see clearly. Employee-oriented high trust culture approach provides companies a significant advantage in competition. In companies with high trust culture, economic performance and employee productivity increase 3 times, while the turnover rate decreases by 50 percent. The companies participating in the Recognition programs have the opportunity to become a great place of work as a result of measurements and analysis in many areas such as employee loyalty, employer brand, corporate culture, customer satisfaction, determination of areas open to improvement, determination of pinpoint actions, motivation and performance. "

Recognition program strengthens employer brand

Companies caught unprepared for the business continuity caused by coronavirus. looking for ways to manage the process successfully. Great Place to Work supports companies with the Recognition program to regain continuity in their workflows and bring forward a sense of trust by providing communication between employees. The Recognition program, implemented by Great Place to Work worldwide, aims to support brands in five dimensions: reliability, respect, equity, pride and team spirit, and strengthen the corporate culture. Companies that qualify for the Great Place to Work® Certified title by participating in the Recognition program provide a competitive advantage by taking the first step in the journey to become a great workplace. Employer brands of companies, whose economic performance has increased more than competitors, are getting stronger.

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