MSB: 'Our Border Units did not open eyes on smugglers on Iran, Iraq and Syria Border'

Our MSB border units did not overlook Iranians in Iran and Iraq.
Our MSB border units did not overlook Iranians in Iran and Iraq.

As a result of the discovery, surveillance, ambush and seizure activities carried out by our hero borders in all weather and land conditions, day and night, 24 hours a day, they constitute an important part of the financial resources of terrorist organizations and are brought into the country illegally; Drug, ovine and cigarette smuggling have been hit hard. In the last week, large amounts of drugs and cigarettes were seized in operations carried out on the borders of Iran, Iraq and Syria.


As a result of the successful operation carried out by the border units in Van in coordination with the Gendarmerie units, 147,3 kg of heroin, 10 kg of methamphetamine and 20.318 of illegal cigarettes were seized. Again, a total of 13 kg of heroin, which is considered to be a total of 6.6 kg of heroin, was seized, which was intended to be brought into Turkey through Iran. In the Van Başkale border line, 9.150 packs of cigarettes were seized with the driver and loaded into the vehicle.

At another point of the Iranian border, our border units that prevented 3 persons trying to enter our country illegally, seized 2.996 packets of smuggled cigarettes in the search screening at the scene.

Our border units patrolling at the Iranian border also captured 3 kg of methamphetamine drugs in 5 packages in 2 rucksacks, 30 semi-automatic pump rifles and 29.8 backpacks.


In addition, 497 men and 3 woman, who came from Northern Iraq and tried to bring 1 small ruminants to our country illegally, were arrested and detained.

A person who attempted illegal border crossing from Syria fled back to the direction of Syria as a result of the intervention of our border units. In the search made in the region, 1000 packets of illegal cigarettes were seized.

Six people who tried to cross the Syrian border illegally were arrested and detained.

Persons detained on the Iran, Iraq and Syria border, captured bovine animals and other illegal materials were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command units.

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