Artificial Intelligence 'EBA Assistant' Responds to 10 Million Messages

artificial intelligence eba assistant responded to million messages
artificial intelligence eba assistant responded to million messages

13 million 2 thousand 684 messages of 390 million 9 thousand 801 users have been answered with EBA Assistant since 240 April.

The system developed by Turkish engineers reached the system with artificial intelligence, 82,7 of the users reached via EBA mobile and 17,3 via the web.

In distance education, approximately 6 million messages were responded in 10 weeks with the "EBA Assistant" with artificial intelligence developed by Turkish engineers to answer the questions of students and parents instantly. The distance learning virtual assistant, launched to respond to user questions, solve problems and ensure the most effective use of the system, was put into service on April 13.

A total of 81 million 703 thousand 209 messages directed by 2 thousand 536 users were answered through the EBA Assistant, which was entered from all 903 provinces. In the second week, 2 million 947 thousand 456 messages of 3 thousand 486 users, and in the third week, 300 million 3 thousand 1 messages of 717 million 150 thousand 6 users were answered.

The number of unique users in the 4th week is 2 million 217 thousand 529, the number of messages is 7 million 913 thousand 615, the 5th week the number of single users is 2 million 591 thousand 830, the number of messages is 9 million 415 thousand 142 ' rose to. In the 21th week that includes May 27-6, 2 million 684 thousand 390 messages of 9 million 801 thousand 240 users were answered.

In EBA Assistant, compared to the first week, in 6 weeks, the number of messages and unique users increased by approximately 4 times. 82,7 of the users reached the assistants via EBA mobile and 17,3 via the web.

Instant Answers to Questions with Artificial Intelligence

" isThe artificial intelligence system that can be accessed from ”understands what is written in the form of free text, gives the relevant answer to the questions and directs the users in the most correct way. It is possible to find an instant answer to questions such as getting a password from EBA Assistant, renewing a password, questioning the curriculum, the status of their exams, meeting with teachers, and repeating courses.

EBA Questions and Answers

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