what is a steam locomotive

What is Steam Locomotive?

Steam locomotives are locomotives powered by steam. Steam locomotives were used from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. In the wagonways, which began to be used in Germany in the middle of the 1500s, locomotives began to be pulled by horses. 1700s [more…]

mosques in dosemealtin opened to worship with friday prayer
35 Izmir

Mosques Open to Worship with Friday Prayer

Corona virus outbreak within the scope of measures closed to prayer in congregation on March 16 mosques were opened with the Friday prayers in the central district of Antalya Döşemealtı as well as all over Turkey today. Coronavirus Provisions [more…]

VIP transfer to bus price
34 Istanbul

VIP Transfer to Bus Price

Citizens with travel permits can travel intercity with buses and private vehicles. With the permit of citizens aged 65 and over and their accompanying persons, this number increased, with the complete abolition of travel bans on 1 June. [more…]

A Great Logo
Guest Post

Secrets of Making a Great Logo

Any organization can fall victim to bad logo design. When the Councils of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch drew up a new logo to symbolize their merger, many critics called the design "poor" and "terrible". Well that's a great [more…]