kiev metro started flights again after two months
38 Ukrayna

Kiev Subway Starts Again After Two Months

On May 25, the metro in Kiev and Kharkov restarted service; A decision is expected today regarding the metro operation in Dnipro. Subways in Ukraine stopped operating in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak. The metro in Kiev started operating at 5.45 in the morning, [more…]

Israeli airlines El Al began to re-turkiyeye end
34 Istanbul

Israeli El-Al Airlines Flying Start again to Turkey

Israel-based El-Al Airlines stopped its flights to Turkey 13 years ago, after many years, according to statements made by the company, the company will continue to be two cargo flights per week. According to the news of Şalom newspaper, due to the dispute in the commercial legislation [more…]

Feast Visit to ESHOT by President Tunç Soyer
35 Izmir

Feast Visit to ESHOT by President Tunç Soyer

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer also visited ESHOT General Directorate within the scope of the holiday program. President Soyer welcomed by ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey and Deputy General Managers Turgay Akkaya, Kader Sertpoyraz and Kerim Özer, [more…]

The ego of the ego is counting days to take the traffic
06 Ankara

EGO's 10 Female Drivers Counting Days To Take To Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to set an example for other municipalities with its efforts to increase women's employment. EGO General Directorate, which took action with the instructions of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, gave 10 female drivers to be employed in public transportation vehicles. [more…]

sehit police will be named in africa
252 Somalia

Name of Martyr Police to Survive in Africa

Deniz Feneri Association will keep the name of 2017-year-old special operations police officer Ahmet Alp Taşdemir, who was martyred in the operation against the terrorist organization PKK in Diyarbakır in 26, in the water well he opened in Somalia. In a written statement made by the association, the Lighthouse Association [more…]