Airbus A400M Obtains Automatic Low Level Flight Certificate

Airbus am has successfully achieved its level of flight certification.
Airbus am has successfully achieved its level of flight certification.

The Airbus A400M new generation transport aircraft has achieved an important step by obtaining the Automatic Low Level Flight capability certificate and has achieved a new success by offering a unique feature in the military transport aircraft class.

In the certification campaign held in April above Pyrenees and central France, there were transitions to various operations such as air refueling, air refueling in a 500 ft low flight.

This initial certification phase will be related to flight operations with the Visually Meteorological Conditions, which means crew visibility. The second stage will be documented in the second quarter of 2021 and will include Instrumented Meteorological Conditions without being visible.

Automatic Low-Level Flight capability, which is inherent in the world of fighter aircraft and stands out as a unique ability for a military transport aircraft, while improving the A400's landmasking and survival capability, the aircraft is less perceptible in enemy areas; it also makes it less vulnerable to threats when traveling to key military operations such as airlift, air refueling, logistics or other special operations.

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