Istanbul road and traffic conditions
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Road and Traffic

For Istanbul Road and Traffic Conditions RAYHABER It offers the easiest routes and road conditions that you can go with a live road map. Road conditions of Istanbul center and other districts, traffic is heavy [more…]

What is a guide train

What is a Guide Train?

Guide train is one of the terms frequently used on railways. Scheduled time regulating front moving guide rail to prevent any problems in the path of the train, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by prior time [more…]

Who is Uluc Ozulker

Who is Uluç Özülker?

Uluç Özülker was born on March 11, 1942 in Istanbul. Özülker, who was educated at Galatasaray High School, started to study at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences after graduating from high school in 1961. After graduating from university in 1965 [more…]

what is the direct supply limit

What is the 2020 Direct Supply Limit?

2020 Direct Supply Limits have been announced as 97.008 TL in the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality, and 32.316 TL in the other regions (outside the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality). “Metropolitan Direct Procurement” “Municipal Direct Procurement” These direct supply limits are valid for the following transactions; Goods Purchase, Construction Work, [more…]