ekrem imamoglundan istanbul otogari herald
34 Istanbul

Ekrem İmamoğlu Istanbul Bus Station Heralded

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluexamined the renovation works in the Great Istanbul Bus Terminal, which has become the nightmare of the citizens in its derelict state in the past years. İmamoğlu said, “We are both transporting the forgotten Istanbul Bus Terminal at once. [more…]

In the corona days, the movie theater became a morale in İzmir.
35 Izmir

Car Cinema in Istanbul Corona Days Could Be Morale

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic drive-in cinema event was the scene of colorful images. Citizens of Izmir, who could not leave their homes due to the coronavirus measures, were encouraged by the simultaneous screening of the film at six locations. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Mourning hours of citizens aged and over changed

Curfews of Citizens 65 and Over Have Changed

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, according to meteorological data, upon the evaluation that the air temperatures will be high on Sunday, May 17, upon the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 65 years of age and older and those with chronic illness [more…]

Work continues in keltepe ski center
78 Karabuk

Work Continues at Keltepe Ski Center

The infrastructure and road expansion works started by the Karabük Provincial Administration teams on the road to Keltepe Ski Center continue. Mehmet Uzun, Secretary General of Special Provincial Administration, Hasan, Head of Provincial General Assembly [more…]

cibris railway history

Cyprus Railway History and Map

It is a railway company that operated in Cyprus between 1905-1951 under the name of Cyprus Government Railway Company. He worked along the line between the Evrihu village of Lefke and the city of Famagusta. Years in which it was active [more…]

Who is Ali Durmaz

Who is Ali Durmaz?

Bulgarian town of Kardzhali city Rusalsko Light in the village of Ali Durmaz was born in 1935, it comes to Turkey in the year 1950, leaving everything in Bulgaria, and they begin to live in Bursa Mudanya. Business throughout his life [more…]

Mamak Metro Route Map and Stations
06 Ankara

Mamak Metro Route Map and Stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will connect the district of Mamak, located in the eastern part of the Capital, to the ANKARAY line running between Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ) and Dikimevi. Dikimevi Natoyolu Light Rail System (HRS) line project [more…]

Baltimore Ohio Railway
1 America

Baltimore Ohio Railway

The leaders of the Baltimore harbor, the rival port to compete with the commercial explosion in New York after the construction of the Erie Canal, is a 600km railway line connected with the Ohio River in Wheeling, West Virginia. [more…]