dry cat food
Guest Post

Dry Cat Food

Ancestors of cats are creatures living in the desert. Therefore, their ability to concentrate urine has been developed to eliminate excessive water loss and enable the body to conserve water. However, this ability is often used in cats. [more…]

effect of covid on eskisehir industry
26 Eskisehir

The Effect of Covid-19 on Eskişehir Industry

At the “Industry Council” meeting organized by Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, the problems experienced by the industrialists during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic process and the effects of the virus on the economy were discussed. Industry realized by Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Directorate [more…]

afad junction reorganized
55 Samsun

AFAD Junction Reorganized

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has made a new arrangement in AFAD Junction in order to provide citizens with safe, comfortable and comfortable transportation. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its services in order to make transportation uninterrupted, Recep [more…]

uic asia pacific photo contest
33 France

UIC Asia Pacific 5th Photography Contest

For the fifth time, UIC organized a photography contest to be used in the 2021 calendar. Railway photos from Asia Pacific countries will be able to participate in this contest. 20 photographs will be selected and printed on the UIC 2021 calendar, and this calendar will be [more…]

one more decision for channel istanbul
34 Istanbul

Another Discovery Decision For Kanal Istanbul

The 10th Administrative Court of Istanbul, in the lawsuit filed by Halk Evler against the construction of the Kanal Istanbul Project, with the request of canceling the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Positive Report issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, [more…]

Ataköy İkitelli Metro Map Stations and Route
34 Istanbul

Ataköy İkitelli Metro Map, Stations and Route

The line where Emay Engineering and Consulting, which has been tendered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, undertakes the building supervision and Aga Energy's construction works; It is about 13,5 km long and consists of 12 stations. Your line is complete [more…]

Who is Ilber Ortayli

Who is İlber Ortaylı?

He was born on May 21, 1947 in Bregenz, Austria, to a Crimean Tatar family. He immigrated to Turkey with his family when he was two years old. He completed his primary and secondary education at Istanbul Austrian High School. [more…]

Obligation to wear a mask was brought in Izmir
35 Izmir

Obligation to Wear a Mask in Izmir

In İzmir, with the decision taken by the Provincial Public Health Board, the use of masks has been made compulsory in the province and in 30 districts. In the statement made by the Izmir Governor's Office, "Our Provincial Hygiene Board, No. 1593 "Public Hygiene Law [more…]

historical Havagazi factory becomes youth campus
35 Izmir

Historic Gas Gas Factory Became Youth Campus

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer opened the “Youth Campus” at the Historical Coal Gas Factory on the 19st anniversary of the 101 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. President Soyer, in many fields from science to art [more…]