06 Ankara

100 Days Booklet with Mansur Yavaş

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş explained all the activities and works carried out in the Metropolitan Municipality since he took office on April 8, in the booklet "100 Days with Mansur Yavaş". Mayor Yavaş, who implemented the understanding of transparent municipality in all units, enabled the live broadcast of the tenders, and put the savings measures into effect one by one, took the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality to carry out all its activities in front of the public. [more…]

goztepe pedestrian bridge in Istanbul is renewing
34 Istanbul

Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge is Renewed in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting to work on the renovation of Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge. Within the scope of the bridge renovation works, 100 lane will be closed in both directions and road narrowing will be made in the Göztepe Medical Park area of ​​the D-2 Highway, from 24.00 at night on Friday, August 6 to 06.00 in the morning on Tuesday, August 1th. İBB is starting the renovation works of Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge, located between Göztepe and Bostancı. Within the scope of the studies; present pedestrian [more…]

oyak holding announces results of korfez port tender
41 Kocaeli

Oyak Holding Announces Result of Gulf Port Tender

Oyak Holding, which also owns the Erdemir Steel Facilities, bought the Yarımca Ceramic Factory, located within the borders of Körfez District, together with its pier. Oyak Holding sold half of this land purchased for cookie money to Dubai residents, and Dubai residents built a port called Dubai Port here. It was given to the state to build a port on the remaining 100 acres of land in Oyak Holding. [more…]

bursa business continues to open to the world with btso
16 Bursa

Bursa Business World Continues to Open to the World with BTSO

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to bring its members together with international fairs with its Global Fair Agency and Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) Projects. Within the scope of these projects, companies from Bursa took part in important organizations held in Germany, Russia and France in the last month. BTSO adds value to the exports of the city with its projects that enable Bursa companies to open up to foreign markets. around the world [more…]

hema industri managers visited tudemsasi
58 Sivas

Hema Industry Managers Visited TÜDEMSAŞ

As one of Turkey's leading engineering companies, Hema Industry, a global company producing for the automotive, tractor, construction equipment, aviation and defense industries, visited TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager of Hema Industry, Aziz Asrak, Assistant General Manager of Hydraulic Business Units Production Eylem Calisir and Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Sinan Yiğit discussed the products that can be developed together with TÜDEMSAŞ. [more…]

medipol action from professional organizations will not remain silent to this rain
06 Ankara

Medipol Action from Professional Organizations “We will not remain silent on this looting”

With the call of DİSK Ankara Regional Representative Office, KESK Ankara Branches Platform, TMMOB Ankara Provincial Coordination Board, Ankara Chamber of Doctors and Ankara Chamber of Certified Public Accountants (ASMMMO), the historical buildings of TCDD and the AOÇ land are Medipol University, founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. What was given was protested. CHP Ankara Deputies Gamze Taşcıer gave a press release at the TCDD Ankara Train Station campus. [more…]

army boztepe cable car line is taken care of
52 Army

Boztepe Cable Car Line Under Maintenance in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The cable car line, which is operated by Altınordu and provides transportation between Altınordu and Boztepe, is under maintenance of "240 operating hours". MAINTENANCE WILL BE MADE BETWEEN 05.08.2019 AND 07.08.2019 Within the scope of maintenance works, the cable car line providing transportation service to Boztepe, one of the important tourism areas of Ordu, will be taken into maintenance between 05.08.2019 - 07.08.2019. Accordingly, 5, 6 and 7 [more…]

tarsus kemalpasa industrial site for years
33 Mersin

2 Tarsus Kemalpasa Industrial Site Pending Asphalt for Years

The roads of Tarsus Kemalpaşa Industrial Site, which have not been asphalted for 2 years and cause great distress for tradesmen, have started to be asphalted by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams. Stating that he has been on the side of the tradesmen at every opportunity since the day he took office, Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, who has been working in this direction, did not refuse the "asphalt" demands of the tradesmen of Kemalpaşa Industrial Site and asked for the asphalting of the site in question. [more…]

The transportation of the kayser was an example in Cyprus
38 Kayseri

Transportation of Kayseri Set an Example for Cyprus

A delegation headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Dr. He visited Memduh Büyükkılıç. During the visit, support was requested from the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which was very successful in public transportation. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. In the delegation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus that visited Memduh Büyükkılıç, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Kemal Bağzıbağlı, Director of Traffic Department Ahmet [more…]

railway business sakarya branch to rail system description
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Transportation Inc. Rail System should be installed

In his press statement, Demiryol-İş Branch President Cemal Yaman emphasized that the rail system problem, which was on the agenda of every candidate during the election period but could not get any results, should be resolved as soon as possible. The press release of Demiryol İş Sakarya Branch President Cemalş Yaman is as follows; We see that the major cities of the world are today's indispensable means of transportation, "RAIL SYSTEMS". This is the future of cities [more…]

When will the train to Bursa arrive quickly
16 Bursa

When Will the High Speed ​​Train Come to Bursa?

When will the high-speed train arrive in Bursa?..Time passes quickly, and human memory quickly forgets… Reaching Tirilye, which is a shining star, is among the brands of history and nature tourism as its guests from outside Bursa increase day by day, and even grows with fish restaurants. it was not easy at all. Because… Although one side has an impressive sea view, the road has one lane to and fro. [more…]

security at stations in Germany will be increased
49 Germany

Safety at Train Stations to be Increased in Germany

After an 8-year-old boy was killed by being pushed onto the tracks in Frankfurt, German Interior Minister Seehofer announced that security at train stations would be increased. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer held a press conference after an 8-year-old boy was killed by being pushed onto the tracks at Frankfurt Main Train Station. Seehofer said at the meeting that the police presence at stations in Germany should be increased and the security camera system should be strengthened. different in Germany [more…]

malatya cetinkaya line highway upper pass will be completed in the range
44 Malatya

Malatya Çetinkaya Line Highway Overpass to be Completed in December

TCDD 5th Regional Manager Mustafa Çalık, who made presentations about the construction works of the highway overpass on the Malatya - Çetinkaya Line, stated that the project with a construction cost of 9 million 506 thousand 221 TL will be completed in December 2019, TCDD 5th Regional Manager Mustafa Çalık, in 2019 The project carried out by the regional directorate in Malatya at the Provincial Coordination meeting and [more…]

urla tcdd campi
35 Izmir

TCDD Izmir Urla Camp Periods Address and Phone

TCDD İzmir Urla Camp Periods Address and Telephone: The Education and Recreation facility of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) in the Urla District of İzmir is called Urla Camp among the railwaymen. The occupancy rate of the camp is very high during the summer months. TCDD Urla Camp, which operates as a training and resting facility for TCDD employees, can accept guests from outside. medium and [more…]

a way to discuss a road in istanbul
34 Istanbul

'One Generation One Way' to be Discussed in Istanbul

Istanbul Gedik University is conducting a study in which the Chinese President Xi Jinping's 'One Belt One Road' project will be discussed. Mher Sahakyan, Director of the China-Eurasian Political and Strategic Research Council Foundation, will also participate in the study. In accordance with the 'Memorandum of Understanding' agreement signed with Istanbul Gedik University, People's Republic of China, Lanzhou University Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, students and faculty members [more…]

many bureaucrats working in the transport ministry receive double salary
06 Ankara

Many Bureaucrats at the Ministry of Transportation Receive Double Salary

After the fatal accidents, while the families were waiting for the negligent officers to be punished, it was revealed that the deputy general manager responsible for railways, his assistants and Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Transport received double salaries by being a member of the board of directors in the companies affiliated to the Ministry. After it was revealed that he was a manager in municipal companies with MHP, he worked at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. [more…]

export and import decrease in izmir in june
35 Izmir

Export and Import Decreased in İzmir in June 2019

According to the information given by the Izmir Regional Directorate of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK); In June 2019, exports in İzmir decreased by 22,2 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to 635 million dollars, and imports decreased by 35,3 percent to 586 million dollars. in Izmir; While the ratio of exports to imports was 2018% in June 90,1, it increased to 2019% in June 108,4. from Izmir [more…]

adrenaline and entertainment
16 Bursa

Adrenaline and Fun Address Sukaypark

The Sukaypark Facilities, brought to the city by Osmangazi Municipality, offer adrenaline and entertainment together with the Cabled Water Ski Center, Skateboard Track and Water Games Park. As Turkey's first cable water ski center, Sukaypark Facilities continues to expand with the addition of Turkey's first international standard Skateboard Track and Bursa's first Water Games Park. [more…]

Turhan has achieved the success of making the average mileage railway per year
41 Kocaeli

Minister Turhan: 'We Have Achieved The Success Of Building An Average 135 Kilometers Of Railway In A Year'

DP Yarımca Port railway connection opening ceremony was held on 30 July 2019 at the port area. The ceremony held with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, President of the Presidency Investment Office and the World Association of Investment Agencies, Arda Ermut, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, TCDD Transportation General Manager Erol Arıkan Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. [more…]

romberg sersa rail group employees received drone training
49 Germany

Rhomberg SERSA Rail Group Employees Receive Drone Training

Some employees of the Rhomberg SERSA Rail Group took part in SBB's drone training. The course provides the legal and technical foundations of aviation, drone and security measures for unmanned aerial vehicles. This allows taking pictures of construction sites and creating 3D models using Photogrammetry. The course also covers the basics of the Swiss Drone Association's drone licensing UN. Romberg SERSA Rail Group employees, [more…]

tcddden to close the level crossing
10 Balikesir

Statement by TCDD on Closing Level Crossing

The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) General Directorate made a statement on the subject after the citizens took action due to the closure of a level crossing in the Altıneylül district of Balıkesir. In the statement made by TCDD; Today (30.07.2019) in some media organs, the situation of citizens due to the closure of the level crossing that connects Gümüşçeşme and 2. Gündoğan neighborhoods in Altıneylül district of Balıkesir to traffic by TCDD. [more…]

TL will be charged for passenger safety in the ferry
35 Izmir

1 TL Fee will be charged for Passenger Safety

In accordance with the regulation published by the Ministry of Transport, as of August 1, 2019, passengers in the car will be charged in order to determine the exact number of passengers on the ferryboats and to take the necessary measures for life safety. To determine the exact number of passengers carried on the ferryboats, to carry out search and rescue activities in accidents and to combat the negative consequences of the accident more effectively. [more…]

level crossings on pomegranate malatya line improved
44 Malatya

Narlı Malatya Line Level Crossings Improved

Improvement works started in 5 at the level crossings within the borders of the TCDD 2018th Operations Directorate were completed. It was stated that 2018 improvement works were completed in 5 at the level crossings between the 71th Regional Directorate Narlı-Malatya line Km:425+248-471+46. In the studies carried out, it was concluded that the work was started on August 1, 2018 and 100% realization was achieved, and the work done was accepted as temporary. [more…]

hejaz train
34 Istanbul

The Last Train from the Holy Land - Hejaz Railway

The last train from the holy lands: century-old photographs of Mecca, Medina and the Kaaba continue to be exhibited at Taksim Metro Art Gallery. The interesting stories of 10 photographs, which will be exhibited until 70 August, await its visitors with a visual feast. Sultan II. In the exhibition consisting of Abdülhamid's Yıldız albums and the collection of Medina's Defense Advocate Fahreddin Pasha; In addition to the Kaaba, the construction activities in Medina and [more…]

hunters metrobus vehicle fire output flights disrupted
34 Istanbul

A fire broke out in the Metrobus Vehicle in Avcılar.

A fire broke out in the Metrobus vehicle in Avcılar. Flights were delayed! In Avcılar, a fire broke out in the engine section of a metrobus, whose passengers were unloaded at the stop due to a malfunction. The fire occurred in the engine part of the metrobus vehicle, which was moving in the direction of Beylikdüzü, near Avcılar Metrobus stop. Vehicle crews intervened in the fire that occurred in Ensanada, where the passengers got off. While the fire was extinguished after the intervention, approximately 15 minutes in the direction of Beylikdüzü Metrobus services. [more…]