06 Ankara

100 Days Booklet with Mansur Yavaş

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş explained all activities and works carried out in Metropolitan Municipality since 8 April, in his booklet göre 100 Day with Mansur Yavaş ”. Transparent understanding of municipalism all [more…]

goztepe pedestrian bridge in Istanbul is renewing
34 Istanbul

Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge is Renewed in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting to work on the renovation of Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge. As part of the bridge renovation works, in the Göztepe Medical Park area of ​​the D-100 Highway, on Friday, August 2, from 24.00 at night to Tuesday, August 6th. [more…]

adrenaline and entertainment
16 Bursa

Adrenaline and Fun Address Sukaypark

The Sukaypark Facilities, which were brought to the city by Osmangazi Municipality, offer adrenaline and entertainment together with the Cabled Water Ski Center, Skateboard Track and Water Games Park. Turkey's first cable [more…]

tcddden to close the level crossing
10 Balikesir

Statement by TCDD on Closing Level Crossing

The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) General Directorate made a statement on the subject after the citizens took action due to the closure of a level crossing in the Altıneylül district of Balıkesir. In the statement made by TCDD; [more…]

TL will be charged for passenger safety in the ferry
35 Izmir

1 TL Fee will be charged for Passenger Safety

In accordance with the regulation issued by the Ministry of Transport, 1 Starting from August 2019, the passengers in the car are also charged for the exact determination of the number of passengers in carriages and for taking the necessary safety measures. [more…]

hunters metrobus vehicle fire output flights disrupted
34 Istanbul

A fire broke out in the Metrobus Vehicle in Avcılar.

A fire broke out in the Metrobus vehicle in Avcılar. Flights were delayed! In Avcılar, a fire broke out in the engine section of a metrobus, whose passengers were unloaded at the stop due to a malfunction. Fire: The engine of the metrobus vehicle moving in the direction of Beylikdüzü near Avcılar Metrobus stop. [more…]