countdown started for red bull flight
34 Istanbul

Countdown Begins for Red Bull Flight Day

Red Bull Flight Day, which was last held in Istanbul six years ago, will be held again on August 4 with the support of IMM. At the event in Caddebostan, the participants traveled the longest distance by jumping off a ramp with their human-powered vehicles. [more…]

izmir tram and subway
35 Izmir

Owl Period in Tram and Metro in İzmir

Owl Expeditions, which allow the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to use public transportation at late hours, were increased upon the interest it received. As of July 26, 2019, the Owl application was launched on the Konak Tram. In addition to the Izmir Metro, [more…]

earthquake and safe traffic education in sultangaz
34 Istanbul

Earthquake and Safe Traffic Training in Sultangazi

to the district by Sultangazi Municipality. kazanIn the theme parks, children are given training on various subjects. While raising awareness of children about natural disasters with simulation-supported trainings held in the "Earthquake Education Park", the traffic jam in the "Applied Traffic Education Park" [more…]

bridges and highway revenues announced
34 Istanbul

Bridge and Highway Revenues Announced

Bridge and Highway Revenues Announced . The revenue from bridges and highways in the January-June period was 906 million 252 thousand 712 liras According to the data of the General Directorate of Highways, July 15 Martyrs in Istanbul [more…]

everything for driving safety
52 Army

Everything for Traffic Safety

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works to ensure driving safety in traffic, continues pontoon renewal, road division, renewal and placement of traffic signs in districts. Sidewalk and road renovation works [more…]

ayas way sincan osb subway emergency number of days left
06 Ankara

Ayaş Road-Sincan OIZ Underpass

In order to meet the needs of the capitalists and to make the city more livable, in the central and surrounding districts; Metropolitan Municipality continues its road maintenance, patch, asphalt laying and paving works continuously. [more…]

salihliye new bus stops
45 Manisa

New Bus Stations to Salihli

New Bus Stops to Salihli. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, to Salihli kazanHe made a new route planning so that the citizens could easily reach the Bedesten Bazaar. In this context, glass to the new stopping points formed. [more…]

mut osb road works full throttle
33 Mersin

Mut OSB Road Works Full Gas

Construction of Mut Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), which will contribute greatly to the economic development of both Mersin and Mut, continues. Supporting the works that are of great importance for the industrial sector [more…]

The number of members of the SME reached thousand
41 Kocaeli

100 Number of Members of SME

Kocaeli Smart Bike System “KOBİS ği project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality which was put into operation in 2014 is 3. with stage 12 was established in the district. 71 station, 864 smart parking units and 500 smart bicycle [more…]

kpss arrangement on the bus
41 Kocaeli

KPSS Regulation for Buses in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 28 Public Personnel Selection Exam to be held on July (KPSS) Group A and Teaching Area Knowledge Test (ÖABT) to provide additional services to students who do not suffer victimization. [more…]

obb did hybrid train test
43 Austria

ÖBB Performs Hybrid Train Test

ÖBB and Siemens Mobility have started trials in Austria with a prototype Cityjet eco train equipped with an electro-hybrid battery to analyze the potential of hybrid trains. Electro-hybrid train Almtalder Donauufer, Mattigtalbahn and Rieder Kreuz [more…]

ease of access to the pagos manufacturer market in velvet
35 Izmir

Ease of Access to Pagos Producer Market in Kadifekale

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is departing from 27 different points of the city in order to facilitate the transportation of the people of Izmir to the 'Manufacturer Market', the second of which will be established in Kadifekale on Saturday, July 6. Mavişehir Ege Park, every two hours from 09.00:XNUMX, [more…]