izmir tram and subway
35 Izmir

Owl Period in Trams and Metro in Izmir

Owing to the use of public transportation late in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Owl Expeditions, increased interest on the interest. 26 July The Owl application was launched on Konak Tramway starting from 2019. Additional to İzmir Metro [more…]

earthquake and safe traffic education in sultangaz
34 Istanbul

Earthquake and Safe Traffic Training in Sultangazi

In the thematic parks, which are brought to the district by Sultangazi Municipality, children are given training on various subjects. Simulation-supported trainings organized in the rem Earthquake Training Park çocuklar raise awareness of children about natural disasters, while the da Applied Traffic Training Park Park [more…]

everything for driving safety
52 Army

Everything for Traffic Safety

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works to ensure driving safety in traffic, continues pontoon renewal, road division, renewal and placement of traffic signs in districts. Sidewalk and road renovation works [more…]

ayas way sincan osb subway emergency number of days left
06 Ankara

Ayaş Road-Sincan OIZ Underpass

In order to meet the needs of the capitalists and to make the city more livable, in the central and surrounding districts; Metropolitan Municipality continues its road maintenance, patch, asphalt laying and paving works continuously. [more…]

salihliye new bus stops
45 Manisa

New Bus Stations to Salihli

New Bus Stations to Salihli. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Salihli won the Bedesten Bazaar for citizens can easily reach the new route planning. In this context, new stopping points [more…]