cw energy produced century tiles
07 Antalya

CW Energy Produces Tiles of the Century

CW Energy produced “roof-resistant, sealed solar panels leri which they call“ tiles of the century.. The roof tiles produced as idi tile of the century uygun are suitable for direct sunlight. Tiles with special rubber, on the roof [more…]

Accessible transportation in Izmir organized
35 Izmir

Accessible Transportation Workshop Held in İzmir

Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure with the participation of Enver İskurt Bostanlı Suat Taser Open Air Theater performed "Accessibility of Passenger Transport Service Project Izmir in Turkey to Action Workshop" was held in Izmir. Transportation and Infrastructure [more…]

buca subway for the expected approval came from Ankara
35 Izmir

Expected Approval From Ankara For Buca Metro

Izmir's priority public transportation project, Buca Metro, has been included in the investment program. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they aim to start the construction works next year and to put the Buca Metro into service within five years. [more…]

target of locality in rail vehicles
06 Ankara

Target of Locality in Railway Vehicles 80 Percent

Turkey is accelerating its domestic production move, which it started in every field, in the field of rail systems as well. For this reason, Turkey aims to complete the production of the national electric train series in 2020 and to start the mass production of the national electric locomotive in 2022. [more…]

public transport in july by capital city and marmaray free
06 Ankara

Public Transport Will Be Free On July 15

Due to the 15rd anniversary of the coup attempt on 3 July, public transportation services and Başkentray and Marmaray services will be provided free of charge. With the President's decision published in the Official Gazette with the signature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, [more…]

alanya cable car price schedule unlawful
07 Antalya

Alanya Teleferik's Price Schedule

While the emergence of exorbitant ropeway prices has been set by the Alanya Municipality Council since February, it has been shocking, and if the old contract had not been changed, the ropeway price would have been between 14,4-21,6 TL. on the other hand [more…]

kobis and mobile office on the beach of karavani cebeci
41 Kocaeli

SME and Mobile Office Caravan at Cebeci Beach

Kocaeli Smart Bicycle System “KOBİS geçen, which started its operations in 2014, was established in 12 district. Mobile Office Caravan Cebeci for the citizens to benefit from the Ofis SME ”system in Kandira, one of the most important points of summer tourism in Kocaeli [more…]

kardemir accelerated its research and development
78 Karabuk

Kardemir Accelerates R & D Activities

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR), within the scope of R & D studies in the companies operating in the automotive and railway sector has made investigations. KARDEMİR is structured to manage research and new product development activities more effectively. [more…]