2 Tarsus Kemalpasa Industrial Site Pending Asphalt for Years

tarsus kemalpasa industrial site for years
tarsus kemalpasa industrial site for years

Tarsus Kemalpasa Industrial Site 2 years asphalted and creating great trouble for trades, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams began to be paved. Vahap Seçer, Mayor Vahap Seçer, who has been in favor of the tradesmen since the day he took office, did not reject the “asphalt” demands of the tradesmen of Kemalpaşa Industrial Site and enabled the teams to mobilize the site for asphalting.

Not only tradesmen, but students also get rid of dust and mud
Metropolitan teams, located in the eastern region of Tarsus and 400 trades in different sectors operating in the front section of the Gazzeliler Street paving works started. The teams will perform asphalting work on the streets 1200, 2541, 2588 and 24114 numbered 2560 meters, which are located within the industrial site, respectively. Upon the completion of these studies, the transportation to Ömer Ümmügülsüm Cirık Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Kasım Ekenler Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which are located in the same region and where hundreds of students are educated, will be provided completely by asphalt road.

“2 have been expecting this asphalt for years”
Tarsus Mine Craftsmen Chamber President Kaplan Kiltaş, Mersin İmar A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Uyan, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus-Çamlıyayla Branch Coordinator Ali Boltaç and other metropolitan officials closely thanked President Vahap Seçer for their work. Stressing that no trades in industrial sites 400 Claystone, "It's the first time in our workplace 400 157 made to establish cooperative business in Turkey. The biggest problem of our industry site which is ready for opening is asphalt. We have made a request to Mr. Vahap Seçer, our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. And Mr. President, by refusing this request, he sent the teams here and started the studies. We have been expecting this asphalt for 2 for years and we finally get to the clean roads. We will inaugurate this place in the coming days. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone, especially Mr. Vahap Seçer, who contributed. ”

Uz We are happy that we will not see dust and mud ”
Durmuş Çelik, an industrial artisan who says that they are happy that they will not see dust or mud on the roads covered with hot asphalt, says, “I run a restaurant here. The roads being dusty, the bad condition really affected our works negatively. Fortunately, this problem is no longer available. I would like to thank our Mayor Vahap Seçer for his service. ”

It is planned to complete the activities of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams in the industrial site within the 5 day.



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