Sakarya Transportation Inc. Rail System should be installed

railway business sakarya branch to rail system description
railway business sakarya branch to rail system description

Rail-Business Branch President Cemal Yaman in his press release in the agenda of each candidate in the election period, but the results of a kind of rail system problem should be resolved as soon as possible, he stressed.

Demiryol İş Sakarya Branch President Cemalş Yaman's press release is as follows; We see that the major cities of the world are “RAIL SYSTEMS” which are indispensable means of transportation today.

We are witnessing the efforts of local authorities by investing in projects, infrastructure and means of transport to the future of cities.

These studies witness that in many cities in our country, even in cities that do not have a very small geographic location, we have announced the rail system projects.

We have repeatedly stated that Sakarya is one of the most suitable cities where rail system can be applied.

In Sakarya, the university, the chamber of industry, politicians and NGOs should have what they have to say. In particular, the university should offer views and projects to the city on the subject.

The railway line belonging to TCDD in the city center should be planned in many districts and regions with Rail Systems.

Dörtyol Industry-Hendek Industry, new settlement area, Serdivan, North of Söğütlü-Ferizli, Karasu, including the district of Hendek including the project of the next century should be put forward.

Cooperation with the central government and TCDD should be made for the realization of these projects, we can remind that there are examples of this in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

100 days have passed over the local elections. We know that all candidates are promised by the Rail System. However, we have not witnessed any serious work done so far. Although a tram system in Istanbul İstiklal Street is reflected to the public, no official statement has been made.

The goal of the Sakarya rail system project should be large and wide. Adaray's removal was wrong. Adaray had to be taken further and continued by extending to Sapanca Kocaeli.

We know that Ali Fuat Paşa- Pamukova, which was abolished 20 years ago, was removed from the shortage of personnel while Mekece Commuter Personnel Transportation was present.

This is what we want to know that the suburban lines of Mekece-Adapazarı, Kocaeli-Sakarya, Adapazarı-Mithatpaşa were in service of our people 20 years ago, and we want to know that we are not going forward but backward in the Rail System.


If our Sakarya Metropolitan administration and the Rail System sincerely desires, a team that understands this system should be established, as our cities where Bursa-Kocaeli-Samsun-Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir is used, such as our cities, Sakarya University, business A joint work should be started by contacting NGOs, NGOs and TCDD and TÜVASAŞ.

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