uludag ultra marathon started
16 Bursa

Uludağ Ultra Marathon has started

The start of the Uludağ Ultra Marathon, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and attended by 1000 athletes, was given by Mayor Alinur Aktaş. Positive contributions of the international organization to the promotion of Bursa [more…]

turkey and in the world at logistics centers
06 Ankara

Turkey's Logistics Centers

What is a logistics village or center, what are the advantages of logistics centers, what facilities are in logistics centers, which are the most important logistics centers in Europe, logistics village quality [more…]

steep intermodal gaziantepe invested
27 Gaziantep

Sarp Intermodal Invested in Gaziantep

Sarp Intermodal, one of the leading companies in intermodal transportation, continues its domestic investments. The company, which opened an office in Gaziantep, supports exporters in this region from Mersin Port to Europe and North Africa. [more…]