100 Days Booklet with Mansur Yavaş


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş explained all activities and works carried out in Metropolitan Municipality since 8 April, in his booklet göre 100 Day with Mansur Yavaş ”.

Mayor Yavaş, who implemented the transparent municipality approach in all units, enabled the live broadcasting of tenders and put savings measures into effect one by one, began to implement the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality to carry out all activities in front of the public.


"Everything will be in front of the eyes of the citizen," said President Yavaş, 60 pages of the Metropolitan Municipality's financial status reports, human resources, from the previous period in many issues from operations to the monthly comparison of the figures were made.

In the book, all the information from the revenues of the Metropolitan Municipality to the expenses, from bank debts to savings items were shared one by one.


In the booklet that includes the income and expense figures of ASKİ and EGO General Directorate, especially Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliated administrations, 8 where Mayor Yavaş received the mazbatasını, 16 from April until April XNUMX July single told.

8 As of April, Mayor Yavaş took over short and medium term 8 billion 449 million 357 thousand 33 TL debt transfers, while the bank's cash assets increased to 160 million 401 thousand 372 TL while short-term debts were reduced by 24 million 271 thousand 956 TL.

Metropolitan budget 8 16 million 136 thousand 579 TL surplus as a result of the struggle against waste between April-402 July.


In the booklet, it was pointed out that the decision to make 15 share deduction from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's general budget tax revenues by deducting 5 shares over the total of metro revenues collection will be reflected negatively on the revenues of Metropolitan Municipality.

The sample account of this negative impact was also stated in the booklet:

“If 2018% deduction was made from the Treasury shares of our Municipality in 5, total 208,6 million deduction would be made. According to the protocol signed with the Ministry in 2018, the total amount to be paid would be 15 million TL if the payment was made through the 10,6 deduction over the total of the metro line collection made by the Ministry. 01.05.2019 published in the Official Gazette dated 30 April 2019 date and 1014 by the decision of the President according to the realization of the year 2018 198 million 43 thousand 929 TL deduction will be made. This is about 20 times higher than the old outage. ”


The booklet prepared in a transparent manner with the understanding of accountability to the citizen, the appointments made with the appointment of President Yavaş was explained one by one.

13 December 2018 Official Gazette dated December 31 elections of the Supreme Election Board after the decision to be held in March 8 April Metropolitan Municipality staff until the total 853 person was placed in the booklet, 31 March 8 person was also referred to .


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, for the first time in the capital, N 1. Ankara Street Animals Workshop ”.

In the booklet, the sokak 2020-2024 Strategic Planning Works Presentation Meeting and Workshop açık was held open to all stakeholders, upon the order of Mayor Yavaş, for the first time as a municipality. Council General Assembly was expressed.

In the booklet, new applications are listed one by one:

  • -TC has been brought back
  • -All units of the auctions started to be broadcast live
  • Public transportation was made free of charge at national holidays after religious holidays
  • -Particular blue buses accelerated transition to ANKARART period
  • - Pedestrian priority applications increased
  • -İstanbul Road-Ayaş Connection Junction and Ayaş Road-Sincan OIZ Front Underpass were opened to traffic
  • - Overpasses completing their economic life have been removed
  • -Environmental projects have been put into practice (Decisions have been taken to establish electrical conditional systems and rainwater collecting pools for irrigation purposes in housing estates)
  • -The number of vehicles has been reduced, authority vehicles have been removed and parking and garden expenses have been minimized
  • - Construction of the International Fairground to be built in Akyurt has been accelerated
  • -Student houses water reduction
  • -EGO buses started to seat priority
  • -General civil servants compensation
  • -BELKO Vitamin Buffets reopened
  • - Asphalt participation annotations removed
  • -Release separation of bureaucrat-employee in the municipal cafeteria
  • President Yavaş forbids the hanging of his own photographs and pictures on the walls
  • -19 May Commemoration of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day was celebrated
  • - Recreation areas of Metropolitan Municipality opened for amateur musicians
  • Open-air cinema days started again in Başkent
  • - Guidance service on plant breeding started with Environment and Landscape Academy
  • - Works started for women workshop, survey was conducted throughout the city
  • - President Yavaş implemented support projects for women producers
  • - Circular removing trade union pressures entered into force
  • - Asphalt and pavement throughout the city, maintenance and repair work accelerated
  • -Environmental and landscape designs and spraying works increased

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