1 TL Fee will be charged for Passenger Safety

TL will be charged for passenger safety in the ferry
TL will be charged for passenger safety in the ferry

In accordance with the regulation issued by the Ministry of Transport 1 August 2019'dan, to determine the exact number of passengers in the car ferry and to take the necessary measures related to life safety will be charged to passengers in the car.

In accordance with the regulation aiming to determine the exact number of passengers transported in the car ferries, to ensure the search and rescue activities in the accidents and to combat the negative consequences of the accident more efficiently, the fare collection from the passengers traveling in the car ferries starts in İzmir.

For the transition to the application, which aims to determine the exact number of passengers in the ship, the infrastructure works initiated by İZDENİZ and lasting for about a year have been completed. As of August 1, 2019, on ferries belonging to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzdeniz A.Ş., a fee of 1 TL will be charged from passengers other than the driver.

Safety of Passenger Ships and the Registration of Passengers on Ships and Regulations Regarding Regular Flights to be made by Sea, the passengers will be charged with the exception of the driver traveling on car ferries and the number of passengers will be recorded. Thus, in line with statistics on the number of passengers can be taken measures related to life safety. Thanks to the registered journey, it will also be possible for IZENIZ to fulfill the liability of compensation regarding the physical and financial damages suffered by the passengers or third parties traveling.

Currently, the available data was limited to the number of pedestrian passengers and the number of vehicles, so it was not possible to know the number of passengers to be searched / rescued at sea in the event of an accident and to plan the rescue activities correctly.

ferry fees in Izmir, less than one third of the average in Turkey

İzdeniz A.Ş. Turkey continues to offer the service that's cheaper ferry service. other ferry toll, while the average 1 miles per 14 TL in Turkey, ferry fee in Izdemir 1 miles per normal hours 3,93 TL discount hours (10.10 - 15.30 and 21.40 - from 23.00 hours) is 2,83 TL.

Line Name Distance (miles) Vehicle Fee (TL) 1 Fee per Miles (TL) Pedestrian Passenger (TL)
Geyikli - Bozcaada 4,11 57,5 14,02 9
Gallipoli - Lapseki 3,47 61 17.57 4,5
Harem-Sirkeci 1,63 13 7,98 2,6
Eskihisar-artillery 4,53 75 16,55 3
Bostanlı Üçkuyular 3,00 12





* Discount Hours

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