the festival of vosvos has begun
52 Army

The Voivodeship Festival Begins

Vosvos Festival, where those who love Volkswagen's legendary Bettle model, which attracts worldwide sympathy, will tour the Ordu highlands for a week, starts on Monday (today). Nearly 200 Vosvos from all over Turkey [more…]

volkswagen plant in konya also aspired
42 Konya

Volkswagen Facility Demands Konya

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) President Selçuk Öztürk said, “The production facility planned to be built by the German production giant Volkswagen in Turkey will be transferred to Konya. kazanWe have started our efforts to improve it.” Persuading to invest in Turkey for more than 10 years [more…]

gordes roads ctp and snow cubes
45 Manisa

CTP and Snow Bar on Gordes Roads

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, heavy snowfall in the winter season, connected to the town of Gordes Kalemoglu, flowers, Dutluca 24 kilometer CTP and snow bar made the work. Gördes district of Manisa [more…]

raise public transport in gaziantep
27 Gaziantep

Increase in Public Transport in Gaziantep

With the decision taken by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center, the boarding fees of public transportation vehicles have increased. The new tariff, which came into effect with the increase, will be effective as of 1 July 2019… 1 July [more…]

izmit beach road traffic route change
41 Kocaeli

Traffic route change in Izmit Beach Road

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will build an underpass where the tram line can pass to Izmit Mevlana Junction so that the tram line can reach Kuruçeşme area. In this context, 1 will be held in the region as of 01.00 on July Monday. [more…]