Oyak Holding Announces Result of Gulf Port Tender

oyak holding announces results of korfez port tender
oyak holding announces results of korfez port tender

Oyak Holding, which also owns Erdemir Steel Facilities, purchased the Yarımca Ceramics Factory in the Gulf District along with its pier.

Oyak Holding sold half of the land that was purchased for cookie money to Dubaili, and the Dubaili built a port called Dubai Port.

Oyak Holding has applied to the government to build a port on the remaining 100 acres and 25 opened a tender in February.

Kalyon-Kolin partnership and Tekfen Construction companies participated in the Gulf Port Tender which has not been announced for months.

Finally, Oyak Holding announced that Kalyon-Kolin partnership won the Gulf Port Tender. This port, which Oyak Holding will make in the Gulf, is currently the largest investment to be made in our country.

The 100 acres of the port to be built by Oyak Holding will be built by filling approximately 80 acres of sea.


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