railway connection to the port of tekirdag
59 Tekirdag

Railway Connection to Tekirdağ Port is a Must

Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone (ÇOSB) Chairman Eyüp Sözdinler said, “The opportunity for our participants to use the railway will increase even more in ÇOSB, which has a wide range of logistics possibilities. Halkalı- Kapıkule line is being renewed in terms of industrialists in the region [more…]

murat sevdalilari meets in bilecik
11 Bilecik

Murat 124 Lovers Meet in Bilecik

Murat 124 lovers meet in Bilecik at the event to be held in the organization of Bilecik Municipality. Bilecik Municipality, which has hosted many events so far, hosts Murat 124 lovers this time. Production started in 1971 [more…]

Daddrally Black
52 Army

Daddrally in the Black Sea Army

12 yacht anchored from the Greek Port of Volos a month ago in order to open the Black Sea to world sailing tourism and keep the ancient Argonaut Legend alive, reached the town of Ordu, one of the important stops of the Argonaut Legend. [more…]

alternative solutions to traffic density in ankara
06 Ankara

Alternative Solutions to Traffic Intensity in Ankara

Accelerating its work in order to meet the priority needs of the citizens of the capital city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its road, asphalt and junction works uninterruptedly in order to provide ease of access to the central and surrounding districts of Ankara. capital [more…]

buca metro map
35 Izmir

Map of Buca Metro

Buca Metro Map and Buca Metro Route: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which made three official requests to the Presidency for the inclusion of Buca Metro in the investment program, which will significantly relieve İzmir traffic, [more…]

pedestrian training for sofor and patriots in konya
42 Konya

Pedestrian Priority Training for Drivers and Trainers in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality provides training to drivers, patriots and turnstile personnel in cooperation with the Provincial Police Department in the works carried out by the Ministry of Interior under the slogan “Priority of Life, Priority of Pedestrians”. Under the coordination of Metropolitan Municipality Continuing Education Center [more…]

karamursel sketches at the end of the bridge
41 Kocaeli

Karamürsel Semetler Bridge Ended

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to ease the transportation of citizens living in the villages. In this context, the bridge and connection to the alternative road between Karamürsel district center and Semetler Village by the Department of Science Affairs [more…]

gebze darica metro stations
41 Kocaeli

Gebze Darıca Metro Line Station Work in Progress

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carried out works on the Gebze-Darıca metro line is feverish. The construction of the subway construction, which is progressing with the planned time, is at the Courthouse, Mutlukent and Gebze City Square stations and the Warehouse Site in the OIZ region. [more…]

Istanbul Airport is the runway
34 Istanbul

Third Runway Construction at Istanbul Airport…!

The construction of the third independent runway at Istanbul Airport, which consists of a total of four stages and will be the largest in the world when all stages are completed, continues at full speed. With the runway planned to be put into service in the second half of 2020, [more…]

turk transport was the authorized union of you tuvasasta
54 Sakarya

Authority at TÜVASAŞ is Turkish Transportation-Sen

At TÜVASAŞ, the Authority belongs to Türk Transportation-Sen. Türk Transportation-Sen became the authorized union on behalf of public officials working within the body of Türkiye Vagon Sanayi AŞ (TÜVASAŞ). Ali Azem Fındık, President of Turkish Transportation-Sen Sakarya Branch, in his written statement, [more…]

sakarya street is renewing
06 Ankara

Sakarya Street Refurbishing

Sakarya Street is being renovated. Kızılay, the heart of Ankara, accelerated efforts to improve urban aesthetics. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Çankaya Municipality in cooperation with Enerjisa lighting poles installation and existing lighting poles installation [more…]

dkm construction prestigious first prize
34 Istanbul

DKM Construction won the prestigious first prize

The fourth of the "International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS)", which emerged as part of a European Union project, was held on 18-20 July 2019 in Dallas-Texas/USA, Ankara University-Gazi University-Texas Tech University-Texas. In the consortium of A&M Commerce University, American [more…]