The Last Train from the Holy Land - Hejaz Railway

hejaz train
hejaz train

The last train from the Holy Land: Hundred years of photographs of Mecca, Medina and Kaaba continue to be exhibited at the Taksim Metro Art Gallery. 10 70 photos will be exhibited until August, with interesting images of a different feast of visitors waiting for visitors.

Sultan II. Abdülhamid's Star albums and Medina Müdafii Fahreddin Pasha's collection. In addition to the Kaaba, the zoning activities in Medina and the Hijaz Railway photos are remarkable.

Last Expedition and Last Surre Regiment in the Holy Land

IRCICA and İBB Kültür A.Ş. Photographs of the exhibition include photos of the latest Hijaz Railway from the holy land and the most recent Surre Regiment.

Ending from Medina Station

The exhibition includes the photograph of the last train expedition opened by Babred's-Salaam Square to Menaha Square by Fahreddin Pasha and reached Istanbul on May 14, 1917 through Medina Station.

After the Hicaz Railway line was opened in 1908, passenger and commercial goods train started to operate between Haifa and Damascus every day and between Damascus and Medina three days a week. 27, the first voyage of the Hejaz Railroad, departed from Damascus in the direction of Medina-i Münevvere on Thursday with the guests from Istanbul. There were many local and foreign journalists on the train, apart from a large delegation of statesmen. The private train had a large saloon wagon, a restaurant, a masjid wagon and three passenger wagons. The last expedition of the Hejaz line to Istanbul took place for the transportation of the Bible Relics upon the fall of Medina.

Ottoman Hejaz Railway Map

ottoman hijaz railway map
ottoman hijaz railway map

10 in Taksim Art Gallery will be exhibited until August, 70 aims to contribute to the cultural heritage by combining different historical frames, places considered as sacred in terms of Islam and social life at that time. Photos, history of Mecca and Medina 19. Century - 20. In the beginning of the 18th century, infrastructure and construction activities reflect the various aspects of the restoration and protection of historical sites, the pilgrimage and public services.

The exhibition can be visited during 10-10.00 in Taksim Art Gallery until August.

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