Casa balances off financial losses

Casa tram has offset its financial losses: Casa tram has announced its 2014 year report. 2014 year turnover of the company was announced as 148,92 million dirhams. It was determined that the turnover increased by% 6,55 compared to a year ago. As a result of the improvement in operating income, 2013 million dirhams damage in the 2,16 year, 2014 2,9 million profit in the previous year's losses have been deleted.

As the trams of the company are known, 2 offers service on the streets of Casablanca.

In his statistical statement, Casa Tram noted that the number of passengers in 2014 was experiencing an increase of% 35 compared to previous year. In 2013, the number of passengers in the 22,3 million, 2014 in 30,3 was recorded in million. Daily participation rates, even in the first and last months of 2014 is quite a change. 2014 85000 passenger / day rate in January was 2014 120000 passenger / day in December.

In particular, the 2014 reached a record high in capacity and density in December. In December 2013 the total number of passengers was 2,59 million, while in the same month the 2014 was 22 million with a significant increase like 3,16. In addition, in another statement, the frequency of the urban transportation network has been caused by accidents. 2014 traffic accident occurred in 122 according to the figures given.

Finally, the tram network in Casablanca is a line with 48 station and 31 km length. Vending machines are provided at each station entrance. Casa tram has 5 sales office and also 48 dealer.

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