Arab plate car plunged into tram stop

📩 30/11/2018 13:16

Arab plate car plunged into a tram stop: the fast-paced car plate in Karataş Syrian plate, the driver lost control of the vehicle as a result of the tram stop plunged. The impact of the impact of the tram stop was broken, the citizens experienced a great panic. While the vehicle was able to stand upside-down, there was no loss of life, and the driver of the vehicle survived the accident with minor abrasions. In another accident at the tram stop of the Faculty of Medicine, two vehicles hit each other and the tram stop.

Yesterday at 19: 00, Karataş 1. The region opposite TEM Market, the stop of the tram stop known as the mosque, the Arabian plate driver's car because of the speed of the bend hit the tram stop. Due to the impact of the impact of the tram stop the tram poles, breaking the glass that broke the car barely turned upside down. Due to the fact that the boiler was in a station near the end of the station, there was no one waiting at the station and there was no tram waiting for the landing. The security guard in the security cabin during the accident was experiencing great shock, he could not understand what happened during the accident and the vehicle just next to the car broke down and broke into a station, he said.

Residents said that the curves in the area where the tram stops were too sloped and that there were accidents in the area before and asked the authorities to take measures.

Another accident occurred at the point of the pedestrian crossing of the Medical Faculty Hospital. At the point where there was a hospital turnoff, the two cars hit each other and the tram stop before arriving at the traffic lights. At that time the citizens of the tram from the scene of the scene watched with prying eyes. There is no dead nor injured in the accident.

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