Governor Zorluoğlu: "We will bring a tram or electric bus system to Van"

Van Metropolitan Municipality, the city's traffic problem, which will solve the major problem in light rail system took the first step. Van Governor and Deputy Mayor Murat Zorluoglu said that they opened a light rail system discussion with the Public Transportation Study Feasibility Assessment Meeting.

The first concrete step in light rail system, which is an important agenda item in Van, took place for years. The first results of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality for 4 months were shared with the public. Kayseri Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services (MOTAŞ) General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı made a presentation on the feasibility studies.

Speaking after the presentations of the Governor of Van and Deputy Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, the city's transportation and traffic problem to solve the problem of the public and people in a speedy work in line with the demands said.


Governor Zorluoğlu said, çalışma This work we did as a Metropolitan Municipality is not a transportation master plan. The Master Plan is a much longer study. This is a study that should be done in every province before public transportation. Our work is a study conducted on the purpose of rehabilitating the transportation system due to the fact that our citizens are not satisfied with the public transportation system. We found the tram to be high-cost. We're not gonna decide for van now. At this press conference, I open to the evaluation and discussion of our people. Our press will announce this to our citizens. We, as municipalities and governorates, will put these presentations on our websites and deliver them to our citizens. Van has problems with public transportation and transportation. Our citizens are not allowed. We're putting it up. We are looking for a new vision in public transportation in Van taş.

Val The rehabilitation of the public transport system and the breathing of new public transport to our province are among the targets of our municipality, rehabil said Governor Zorluoğlu.

Ac I believe that the light rail system will be on the agenda in Van in the coming period. The currently visible light rail system is both a very costly and long process. Perhaps in the short term an electric bus for Van or trambles can be implemented as in Malatya. I think that trambus would be reasonable for Van as well as Malatya. I think we will be on the agenda in the light rail system in the coming period. In a city like Van, it is very important for us to talk about new transportation systems and to create an agenda. We want Van to engage in real agendas. We want to come up with concrete services in Van. We want to make the state visible here with the services that will touch the citizens' hearts with concrete services. I would like to express my pleasure that we have received very intensive support from our citizens and non-governmental organizations since our arrival. In this sense, we thank you. I hope this meeting will be conducive to our city ad.


Zorluoğlu emphasized that they will not hurt the driver of the drivers in the city while applying the light rail system, continued his words as follows:

Ecek In Van, no matter how much the system is implemented, our driver shopkeepers will not be victimized. We will do all the work necessary to prevent our citizens and bus passengers from becoming victims. Our chauffeur shopkeepers get comfortable with this. We aim to provide a more comfortable transportation for the citizen. But in doing so, we will not reveal other grievances. No matter what system, we will take steps with our driver shopkeepers. Public transport is not only solved with the opening of new buses, new lines. There are other aspects of the traffic issue in our city. We've had problems since we took over. We don't have a magic wand. We have financial difficulties in solving our problems. In order to reduce the problems, we first opened the parkomat system service. We've stopped the chaos on the streets. We will solve the chaos in the streets by making new car parks. Again, we have implemented electronic tickets. I saw with amazement that Van did not do this before. We also did the work and the electronic ticket started. As of the end of the year, we will literally go into this system. Yıl


Explaining that the city's historical problems related to traffic problems, Zorluoğlu said,, We have created new prestigious streets to reduce the crowd in the city. Upon the request of the citizen and the shopkeepers, we decided to double the Iskele Street. We will complete this study next year. I think the city will breathe easily after the work is finished. We will make new roads in 2018 year to relieve the traffic in the center. In the new roads, the traffic density at Beşyol Mevkii will be over. We will complete our work in 2018 or in early 2019. X

Speaking about the ring road in the meeting, Governor Murat Zorluoğlu, said they spend a serious work on the highway.


Zorluoğlu stated that the traffic density in the city will decrease with the completion of the ring road and continued his speech:

“Last week, we had a week's work with ministry officials. Work for the first phase is almost complete. Our expectations from the Ministry were noted. After the work to be done, the first stage will be finished. Hopefully, the construction work of the first phase of the ring road will be done next year. Our deputies have made great efforts in this regard. It was constantly expressed in Ankara and a solution was sought. Together with the ring road, our problem in the city center will also be solved. With the work we will do, the traffic will become much more comfortable. Silk Road is an important road for us as you know. New service buildings are being built in important institutions on this street. Van Police Department will be on this street. We have a study for the governorship in this sense. A Van government office worthy of Van, on the Silk Road, to our city. kazanwe will go. Its place will be the old private administration. The location of the government building we currently use will be the green area and the town square. Ipekyolu Street, which is important in this respect, will be much more beautiful.”

The ın Public Transport Study Feasibility Assessment Meeting ileri held at Elite World Hotel was attended by the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality and its deputies, representatives of civil society organizations in the city and officials of public institutions and organizations.

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