38 Kayseri

Erciyes skiing to the ski resort

Erciyes ski center flock to: Erciyes Ski Center with the holiday period began to flock to domestic and foreign tourists. Mehmet Eğlenceoğlu, one of the owners of the ski resort, made statements and evaluated the intensity experienced with the semester breaks. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Beginner skier in 11 injured by falling

11 novice skiers were injured by falling: In Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center, 11 people who fell while skiing took advantage of various places. In 11 separate injuries included in the daily events bulletin of Kayseri Provincial Gendarmerie Command, skiers fell by foot, [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya also destination 250 Thousand Holidays

Target in Kartalkaya is 250 Thousand Holidaymakers: 3 hotels operating in Kartalkaya, where the snow thickness is close to 6 meters after heavy rainfall, aims to host 250 thousand vacationers until the end of the season. Operating in Kartalkaya, where the snow thickness is close to 3 meters [more…]


RayHaber 30.01.2015 Tender Bulletin

Sabiha Gokcen Airport rail system connection construction and electromechanical systems work supervisory and engineering services work Camera System Establishment will be made Haydarpasa Workers' Service Center in the execution of food service

16 Bursa

Speed ​​Train Slowed Speed ​​Train Slowed

Highway Accelerated High Speed ​​Train Slowed Down: Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu stated that there was no disruption in the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway Project works, and even that the works progressed ahead of the planned, “Both this highway and this ongoing high-speed train project are truly Bursa's [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul needs 800 mileage network

Istanbul needs 800 mileage network: 9-10 General Manager of Prota Engineering Danyal Kubin, one of the sponsors of the Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition to be held on April 2015, stated that the development of rail systems as a remedy for Istanbul's transportation problem [more…]


Traffic Signaling Works Started at Saraycık Junction

Traffic Signaling Works at the Saraycık Junction: The traffic signaling works were started at the Junction of the Bozüyük Ring Road. Traffic on Saraycik Avenue as a result of the positive negotiations between Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı and his initiatives and Regional Directorate of Highways [more…]

34 Istanbul

Cevizliaccident at the railway Metrobus stop (Video)

Cevizliaccident at the Metrobus station: a metrobus traveling between Zincirlikuyu and Beylikdüzü, CevizliWhile he was about to dock at the vineyard stop, the road crossed the yellow line and hit a person who descended on the road line. A metrobus running Zincirlikuyu-Beylikdüzü, Cevizliat the vineyard stop to the road line [more…]


Additional strip to Kargı Junction

Additional strip to Kargı Junction: Samsun Regional Directorate of Highways stated that additional strips could be made to Kargı Junction where traffic accidents occur frequently. General Directorate of Highways, Samsun Regional Directorate, where the number of fatal accidents at the Kargı Junction has increased, [more…]


There is no obstacle in Düzağaç Junction

There are no obstacles at the Düzağaç Junction: Mayor Barakazi, 8th Regional Director of Highways Hüsamettin Özendi, 'Cables and lines belonging to the Municipality passing through the Düzağaç Junction. If these are displaced, we can arrange the intersection and make an underpass. [more…]


President Erkoçtan New Bridge and Road Survey

President Erkoçtan New Bridge and Road Survey: Project work is about to be completed The new connection road and bridge construction, the Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç examined the site to determine the location of the bridge. Completion of project work [more…]


The third bridge will boost the logistics sector

The third bridge will stimulate the logistics sector: The bridge is expected to increase planning opportunities in the sector and reduce fuel costs. Construction work in full swing 3. Bosphorus Bridge will benefit the logistics sector. When completed, the average 1.500 vehicle is added to the traffic [more…]

Intercity Railways

13 Thousand Kilometers Railway has great interest in foreign

Foreign interest in the 13 thousand Kilometers Railroad is great: Within the scope of the "National Train Project", approximately 1500 projects are carried out simultaneously for the new railways to be built, especially the railway renovation and logistics center construction works. Planned to be completed by 2023 [more…]

bursaray map and guzergahi
16 Bursa

Kılıçdaroğlu Boarded Bursaray with Citizens Sohbet Had

CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu: “The duty of politics is this; "politics is a tool of service to the people, not a means of enrichment." Politics is not a means of enrichment CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu: “The duty of politics is this; "politics is a tool of service to the people, not a means of enrichment." CHP Chairman Kemal [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray fault made passengers stayed at stops (Video)

Marmaray broke down, passengers stayed at the stops: Due to the technical breakdown in Marmaray, which connects the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, the voyages stopped for about 19 minutes this evening. In Marmaray, which started to work again after the technical breakdown, the trips became more frequent and [more…]

34 Istanbul

YHT to connect Istanbul to Bulgaria

YHT will connect Istanbul to Bulgaria: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, “This year, we also want to bid for the high-speed train project connecting Istanbul to the Bulgarian border - Edirne Kapıkule. Our colleagues are doing the necessary work on this subject, ”he said. Turkey, [more…]


TCDD General Manager Karaman's Description

TCDD General Manager Karaman's Statement: “I am not a member of the Board of Directors of Türk Telekom, TTNET, TÜRKSAT and Net Screen Television and Media” “I only receive a fee for the Board of Auditors of Türk Telekom. Apart from that, TCDD Board of Directors, which I am conducting [more…]