In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey

In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey: the tunnel of the bridge, when so many airports in the metro project of the divided highway and the airport will be opening this year. Turkey, depart attacks on transport in 2015. From bridges to tunnels, train lines [more…]

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Ribbon will be cut in crazy projects in 2015

In 2015, the ribbon will be cut in crazy projects: AK Party government will accelerate crazy projects in the new year. This year, the high-speed train will meet with Marmaray, the third bridge will be completed, and airports will be opened. Foundation of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Energy [more…]

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Great interest in fast train in Konya

Interest in high-speed train in Konya: One of the largest public investments in the history of the Republic, the high-speed train project has attracted great interest since its inception. So much so that only 2014 in Konya - [more…]

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3. First step for airport metro

The first step for the airport metro: 3. The 70-kilometer metro to the airport and the high-speed train that will pass through the 3rd bridge; Marmaray will be integrated into the metrobus and the existing metro line. In order to facilitate access to the airport [more…]

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What is happening at Haydarpaşa Train Station

What's going on at Haydarpaşa Train Station: The restoration of the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has been going on since the day the hotel and the shopping mall burned down, could not start. Cultural Heritage Preservation Board delayed the restoration to the historical structure. [more…]

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Dam overflowing the overhead train (Photo Gallery)

The water overflowing from the dam overturned the freight train: Rescue and damage assessment work was initiated for the freight train, which was overturned as a result of the explosion of the water channel of the hydroelectric power plant. The water channel of the hydroelectric power plant in Karabük [more…]

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Ada Express started trial voyages

Island Express trial expeditions: Arifiye-Pendik between the 76 minutes will reduce the trial of the Ada Express began expeditions. Island Express, which has been interrupted since 2012, has been operating between Arifiye and Pendik since 31.12.2014. [more…]