34 Istanbul

Tuzla Havaray Route

Tuzla Havaray Route: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, "the tram going through the air" as instructed by the instructions soon will be made to serve the Istanbul residents. The route of the project was also announced. D-100 as the route 5 between the highway and the coast [more…]

49 Mus

The cafeteria was burned in the Muscat ski resort

The cafeteria in the Muşta ski center was burned: It was alleged that the cafeteria in the Muş Ski Center near the village of Güzeltepe was burned by breaking glass and pouring gasoline inside. It was alleged that the windows of the cafeteria operating in the ski center in Muş were broken and burned by spilling gasoline. [more…]


TCDD claims to Davutoglu asked

allegations of tagging the TCDD were asked Davutoglu: CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) asked the Prime Minister at the General Directorate of tagging their claims. Parliamentary question to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the request of a written reply by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu [more…]


İneboluda Bridge Construction Work

Inebolu Bridge Construction Work: It was stated that the bridge construction works in İnebolu were stopped due to the tender specifications. Stating that there are some news that bridge works have been stopped in İnebolu, the official of the contractor construction company DSK Construction, Musa Önder, in İnebolu Zafer [more…]

02 Adiyaman

On-the-Go Source Endangers Water Drivers

The Spring Out on the Road Endangers Water Drivers: The water spring emerging from the middle of the road in Adıyaman's Kahta-Sincik Highway Karakuş location causes icing. Icing occurred on the road due to the underground spring water coming out in the middle of the road in the Sincik-Kahta Highway Karakuş location. [more…]

75 Ardahan

Governor and President Kayarak Opened Season

The Governor and the Mayor Slided Open the Season: Ardahan Governor Ahmet Deniz and Mayor Faruk Köksoy skied in Yalnızçam Ski Center and said 'Hello' to the new season. Governor Deniz said, "We are waiting for all ski lovers to Yalnızçam, whose nature is magnificent." To Ardahan [more…]

13 Bitlis

Preparations in all ski resorts in the city are ok

Preparations are complete in all ski centers in the city: In Bitlis, those who take advantage of snowfall flock to the ski centers in the city, citizens stated that the solution process contributed to ski sports. After the sunny weather throughout the week in the city, effective at night and [more…]


Black box comes to vehicles

Black boxes are coming to vehicles: Lütfi Elvan said that the studies on Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems are continuing. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said that studies on Highways Intelligent Transportation Systems are continuing. It will continue until 2016 [more…]

04 Pain

Ski Season Opened in Pain

Ski Season in Ağrı Opened: Ski season has started in Ağrı The season has started at the Kupkıran Ski Center in Ağrı, which is under the influence of Karakış and the snow thickness has reached the desired level. Snow depth, which is under the influence of the snow, can be adjusted to the desired level. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Erciyes Hosted Alpine Skiing Races

Erciyes Alpine Racing 'na Hosts Make: Turkey Ski Federation Alpine Group B of the 2015 season in Giant Slalom and Slalom racing weekend was held at Erciyes. 11 athletes from 95 provinces participated in the competitions. Erciyes Inc. [more…]


Road and art structures were awarded for D-100

Road and engineering structures tender was held for D-100: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made a tender for the construction of approximately 100 meters of roads and art structures starting from the Old Kandıra junction on the D-3700 Highway to Mobesko market. Kocaeli Metropolitan [more…]


Iskilip-Cankiri Road 1.

İskilip-Çankırı Road 1st stage was tendered: The tender for the construction of İskilip-Çankırı Road 1st section was made by the Directorate of Program and Monitoring of the General Directorate of Highways on Friday. The tender for the construction of the 86-kilometer road from İskilip to Kızılırmak district border [more…]


Minister Elvan: We do not do business without asking Afyonlular demand in new highway project

Minister Elvan: We do not do business without asking the demand of the people of Afyon in the new highway project.Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the Ankara-İzmir Highway Project, which causes debates whether it will pass through Afyonkarahisar or not, is at the draft stage. Elvan said, “Without asking the people of Afyonkarahisar, they [more…]


35 want a bridge for years

They want a bridge for 35 years: The residents of Dereobası village, which is connected to the center of Osmaniye, have been trying to reach the city 35 kilometers away with the makeshift wooden bridge they have built with their own means for 3 years. 8 meters long [more…]

45 Denmark

Prince bridge prince raises Denmark

The bridge to the Prince raised Denmark to its feet: The permission of the Prince of Denmark's vehicle to pass through one of the bridges closed by the Egon storm in Denmark at the weekend caused controversy in the country. Egon storm, which was effective in Denmark recently [more…]


District Opened Highways Instead of Highways

Municipality Opened the District Road Instead of Highways: While heavy snowfall negatively affected the districts of Bilecik, the road connecting Gölpazarı district and Yenipazar district was opened by the municipal teams. Mayor of Yenipazar İlhan Özden made a statement on the subject. [more…]


Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

Sabiha Gökçen Airport connection road flooded: In Pendik, flood waters caused by the melting of snow and heavy rain blocked the connection road to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Pendik direction after the TEM connection road works. [more…]


3. Airport will improve Turkish air cargo sector

The Airport Will Improve The Turkish Air Cargo Sector A Lot: Turgut Erkeskin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), said that they support the single freight price application including fuel and security costs and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Station Was Blown Up

Haydarpaşa Railway Station was blown up: 1000 people, including soldiers and civilians, died in the bombing in Haydarpaşa. It was claimed that this sabotage, which was recorded as the most casualty in our country in 1917, was carried out by the French agent Georg Mann ALL [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN train struck young woman died

The young woman hit by the İZBAN train died: A 23-year-old female agricultural worker named CG, who was caught under the İzmir Suburban Line (İZBAN) train while trying to cross the rails in Menemen District of İZMİR, lost her life. At the scene with the relatives of the woman [more…]