Gülermak has completed the modern subway project of Warsaw

Gülermak completed the modern subway that the Warsaw people wanted: After the Second World War, the Poles asked Stalin, the leader of the then Soviet Union. Stalin made it a cultural center. It's been 70 years, Turkish companies Gülermak, completed the modern subway wants Varşovalılar.
The world's second largest Turkish contractors continue to make success stories in every country where they do business.
According to Star, one of them was Wednesday, the Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci, DEIK President Omar Jihad Vardan, including the Turkish delegation and Polish government representatives, including the Warsaw subway. The story of Warsaw Metro that Gülermak AS made II. It dates back to World War II. II. After the end of World War II, Soviet President Joseph Stalin made an offer to the Poles.
”Do you want to have a cultural center in Warsaw, your beautiful city, a subway line?“
Warsaw people want a metro line. But this desire is not accepted by Stalin. And it erects a huge cultural center in the heart of the city, which is still known today as the monument of Stalin.
The prestige project for two countries
The second line of the 'Metro', which was requested by Stalin from 70 years ago, was brought to life by Gülermak AS, which is an expert in turn-key rail systems, who also made Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Eskişehir metros. The meaning of the metron for the Poles dates back to Stalin. The importance of Turkey ended with some bad results in the past refreshes the image of Turkish businessmen in the country. So much so that the metro is prestigious for the Turks, it is also a prestigious project for the Polish government. For this, the best architects and painters of the country worked. Speaking ahead of the test Zeybekçi said driving metro line, he recalled Turkey's first time taking 1972 start contracting business in Libya and abroad. Gülermak AS has been leading the consortium with its Italian and Polish partners. He said that the Etabı is an important project and that the 7 kilometer metro line contributed to the increase in the trade volume of the two countries.
Cost 1 billion Euro
the Turkey-Poland Business Council and Gülermak Inc. Chairman Kemal Smiley, said the cost of all metro lines under ground is about 1 billion euros. This project, including subcontractors, including 4 500 7 person said that the new station 600 km, he said. Gülermak AS Warsaw Metro Project Manager Mustafa Tuncer said that the city was divided into two by the river and they had passed the 2009 meter of the subway under the river to the tunnel. Tuncer recalled that they signed the contract in October of 2014 for the second line of the Warsaw Metro; 5 gave the information to the Warsaw Public Transport Agency in September. Soon after the Warsaw Metro II. Tuncer said that they are interested in the continuation of the Etabı and that they are interested in this. We want to take Poland to Northern Europe. Therefore, we have offered to the Copenhagen Metro in Denmark, the largest high-speed train tunnel in Norway. We are working for a tram project in Finland. In total, we are interested in 2 billion euros in business UM.
Ministers Zeybekci after the test drive of the Metro line and DEIK delegation, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland Janusz Piechocinski They met at dinner also attended the Turkey-Poland Business Council. Zeybekci, in his speech here, then 3 once a month to bring together Turkish and Polish businessmen. Reminding that the economic axis of the world was formerly in the middle of Europe and America, Zeybekci said that this axis has come to Europe and is now shifting towards the east of Europe. Turkey's future 10 years energy to 140 billion dollars, the dollar 140-150 billion for transportation, communication-to the communication 40-50 billion dollars to invest the necessary striking Zeybekçi, these investments primarily in Russia and many other countries, including the Turkic Republics he underlined.
Invitation to the Polish Stock Exchange
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland Janusz Piechocins in "Poland has responsibilities to its Turkish partner," underlined their support to Turkey in the EU process the words. Poland's GDP does not decline in non-EU countries that Piechocis indicating that only friends of Turkey, said Turkish firms are also believed to receive support from the Polish Stock Exchange. Piechocinski said Poland will be the largest construction site in Europe until 2028. Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) President Ömer Vardan Jihad said that Turkey is an important country for Poland. Vardan, the country has a stable economy, growth figures in the coming years over the EU's average 4 floor said they think.

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