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Onur Mounting Systems

Onur Mounting Systems and Technical Hardware San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. SINCE 1984 Our company was established in 1984 in Istanbul and started its first business life by importing and selling hardware and technical materials. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Medel Electronics

Medel Elektronik 1994 Established in year, MEDEL Electronic Company has more than 400.000 products produced in its production facility in Istanbul with its sales and marketing network operating in Asia, Middle East and Balkans. [more…]

Pamukkale Express Train times, timetables and prices
Intercity Railways

Pamukkale Express Will Start

Pamukkale Express will start sailing: Pamukkale Express will start sailing again between Denizli and Eskişehir. Tcdd 3rd Regional Manager Murat Bakır, in his written statement, said that on July 25, 2008, due to the road renewal works between Afyon-Dinar-Denizli [more…]

15 Burdur

Burdurda Train Expeditions Are Restarting

It is planned to restart train services in Burdur: AK Party Burdur Deputy and Member of the Parliamentary Presidency Board Bayram Özçelik reported that work is being done to restart train services in Burdur. Ozcelik, in his written statement, [more…]


A discussion on getting to the tram in prayer

Discussion of getting on the tram to go to prayer in Samsun: Samsun Development Center Association (SAGEM) President Kürşat Gündoğdu, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, who said that passengers over the age of 65 got on the trams to go to prayer. [more…]

about pier loti hill
34 Istanbul

Piyer Loti Cable Car Line Comes to Miniatürk

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın, who came together with the hairdressers of Eyüp, gave the good news of the cable car from Pierre Loti to Miniatürk, and the tram from Eminönü to Alibeyköy. Meeting with tradesmen and craftsmen from Eyüp at every opportunity, listening to their problems [more…]

52 Army

Boztepe cable car in the army illuminated

Boztepe ropeway was illuminated in Ordu: The ropeway line that served with the 28 cabin between Boztepe, one of the tourism centers in Ordu, was colored with the lighting work. In a written statement made by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]


Cable car illuminated in the army

The cable car was illuminated in Ordu: The cable car line serving with 28 cabins between Boztepe, one of the tourism centers in Ordu, was colored with the lighting work. In a written statement made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, it is located in important cities of the world. [more…]

09 Aydin

Söke Train Station project is waiting for approval

Söke Train Station project is waiting for approval: Prepared for the restoration of the historical buildings in Söke Train Station, which is one of the first railway lines in Turkey with a history dating back to 1800's and located at the last transportation point in the southwest of the country. [more…]

55 Samsun

Number of Passengers on the Samsun Ropeway

Increasing the number of passengers on the Samsun Cable Car Line: Samsun Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, lightening the transportation load of public transport metrobus construction of modern transportation comfort is continuing quickly announced. In-city bulk [more…]


Samsun Metrobus Project Construction Continues

Samsun Metrobus Project Construction Continues Rapidly: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz announced that the modern transportation comfort metrobus construction, which will alleviate the transportation burden in public transportation, is continuing rapidly. Inner city collective [more…]

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IETT Bus from Kartal Metro

Izmir Metro from Kartal Metro: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has changed the route of bus line 200 between Kocaeli and Istanbul. 200, which runs between Kocaeli Municipality and Kartepe-Derbent and Istanbul Maltepe [more…]

34 Istanbul

Golden Horn Metro Award of the Year

Golden Horn Metro 's Award of the Year: It was deemed worthy of the first prize with its “Historical Genoese Sur Crossing Project” in the international tunneling awards given by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality International Tunneling Association (ITA). The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]