The Balkan Cup ended in the Ski Run on the Gerede Arkut Mountain

Geremi Arkut held at Mountain Ski Cross Balkans Cup ended: Turkey Ski Federation Gerede by the Presidency organized in Arkut Mountain Ski Cross Balkans Cup, ended with free technical competitions held yesterday.

To the award ceremony held after the competitions; Turkish Ski Federation President Erol Yarar, Youth Services Sports Provincial Director Yahya Şahan, Gerede District Governor Arslan Yurt, Gerede Mayor Mustafa Allar, Youth Services Sports District Manager Mustafa Kocakaya, Ski Running Technical Committee Chairman, Technical Committee Members and Ski Federation Bolu Provincial Representative Haydar Cetinkaya joined. Ski Federation President Erol Yarar, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Yahya Şahan, Gerede District Governor Arslan Yurt and Gerede Mayor Mustafa Allar presented the medals of the athletes who ranked in the competitions. Approximately 50 athletes from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece participated in the Ski Running Balkan Cup Competitions, which took place on the natural wonder Gerede Arkut Mountain. Located on Gerede Arkut Mountain and being the first ski running track registered in our country by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the track recently hosted the Provincial Ski Running competitions. While the athletes of our Turkish National Team took the first three places in the women's 5 km race, athletes from Romania and Bulgaria took the podium in the men's 10 km race. Gold medal in the classical style competitions of our National Team held on Wednesday kazanAyşenur Duman, our athlete from Geredi, failed to beat her teammate in the freestyle competition held on Thursday and won the silver medal. After a long time, the international ski running organization held in Gerede received full marks from the authorities, and it was observed that the guests from abroad left satisfied.

Liği The beauty of Arkut is the gift of Allah “

In his speech, the President of the Federation Erol Yarar said, Ark The Gerede Arkut Mountain Ski Resort has good natural beauties. We will organize larger organizations here if they are developed. Mayor Mustafa Allar and Gerede District Governor Arslan Yurt are the biggest factors in this belief. Throughout the organization we have been with us, supported. I would like to thank all the institutions. Bütün Mayor Mustafa Allar made a statement on the subject, emphasizing that such an important competition will contribute to Gerede's promotion and economy, '' Our city and our ski center are ready for such competitions. Skiing Group B competitions and Skiing Balkan Cup was completed without mishaps. Together with our deputy, Fehmi Küpçü, we will fight for the development of the Arkut Mountain and the organization of larger organizations. We will work to make the organizations constantly in our district, we are ready to do what we need to do as the Municipality, our municipality is ready to offer opportunities, thank those who contributed to the preparation of this organization, I wish success to our athletes, Organizasyon he said.


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