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Snowfall Hits YHT Flights

Snowfall Hit YHT Expeditions: Snowfall in Bilecik caused delays in High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights. According to the information obtained, YHT, which operates the Istanbul-Ankara voyage, operates in Bilecik's Bozüyük district. [more…]

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Konya-Istanbul YHT remained on the road

Konya-Istanbul YHT remained stranded: Passengers were stranded for approximately 2,5 hours as a result of the High Speed ​​Train going from Konya to Istanbul broke down near Eskişehir's İnönü district. Passengers, new passengers sent from Ankara [more…]


TÜRSAB announces winter tourism report

TÜRSAB announced its winter tourism report: The winter tourism report of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies has been announced. According to the report, it has tough competitors such as Austria, Switzerland and France in winter tourism. [more…]

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Metrobus accident in Edirnekapı

Metrobus accident in Edirnekapı: An incredible metrobus accident occurred again in Mega City Istanbul. According to the information received, it turned into a bloodbath after the accident of 2 metrobuses at the Edirnekapı metrobus stop. [more…]


Hatayda Sel Destroys Bridge

Flood in Hatay Destroyed the Bridge and Cut off Transportation: When the flood that occurred after heavy rain in Hatay destroyed the bridge, transportation was cut off between Samandağı and Yayladağı districts. Heavy rain in Hatay [more…]

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YHT in Konya-Istanbul flight malfunctioned

YHT, which operates the Konya-Istanbul route, broke down: The High Speed ​​Train moving from Konya to Istanbul broke down. According to the information obtained, the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Arifiye, which operates the Konya-Istanbul voyage, [more…]

kabatas mecidiyekoy metro line
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Mecidiyeköy Kabataş Metro Project

mecidiyeköy of KabataşThe tender for the new 6.5 km subway that will connect to Istanbul will be held this month.Kabataş It is connected first to Mahmutbey and then to Bahçeşehir by metro. Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy Metro, which is under construction [more…]