The third bridge will boost the logistics sector

The third bridge will stimulate the logistics sector: The bridge is expected to increase planning opportunities in the sector and reduce fuel costs. Construction work in full swing 3. Bosphorus Bridge will benefit the logistics sector. When it is completed, it is expected that Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to save Istanbul from TIR and truck densities, is expected to increase planning opportunities and reduce fuel costs. When completed, excavations and basic works on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be one of the biggest suspension bridges in the world. The towers of the bridge have reached the height of 1.500 meters on the European Side and 292 meters on the Asian Side. To date, 288 million cubic meters of excavation in the project, 50.6 million cubic meter filling work was done, with the 21.8 culvert and 109 underpass 7 overpass is completed. 2 underpass with 32 viaduct, 18 creek bridge and 3 overpass are made of reinforced concrete manufacturing, while 28 culverts and Riva and Çamlık tunnels are in progress.
6.7 billion TL savings with the decrease of stop-calves
The bridge, which is planned to be completed on October 29, also increases the appetite of the logistics industry. By directing trucks and trucks to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, it is expected that the city traffic will be relieved, the planning opportunity in the sector will increase and the fuel cost due to stop-start will decrease. Sector officials stated that the giant investments in Turkey contributed significantly to the logistics sector, and that it would be possible for trucks and trucks to pass directly without disturbing the city traffic, and this would be beneficial for all stakeholders. kazanHe noted that it would bring about a difficult situation.
Authorities, 3. Bridge, North Anatolian Highway, Izmit Highway, 3. With the termination of projects such as the airport, one of the world's most important lines of logistics could occur and the trade may increase by 20% by expressing the bridge in Istanbul with the stop-calc would be reduced and thus can be saved annually 6.7 billion TL could be saved.
6 bin 500 worker, 600 engineer is working
In the 2013rd bridge and the North Marmara Motorway project, the construction of which started in 3, with a cost of 3 billion dollars, the construction of the towers, which reached 318 meters on the Anatolian side and 322 meters on the European side, was completed. Two of the steel decks where the vehicles and trains will pass through the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge were brought by sea and placed in the section under the tower. Then a total of 60 floors will extend between the two towers. Approximately 6 large construction machines are used in the works of the project, which involves 500 workers and 600 engineers.

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