38 Kayseri

Visually impaired skiing in Erciyeste

Skiing of the visually impaired in Erciyeste: Skiing in the Erciyes Ski Center of Kayseri is now being enjoyed by the visually impaired. 10 learned that skiing was a great pleasure under the supervision of visually impaired instructors. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt stripped re-made

Asphalt was dismantled to be done again: After the construction of the Eregli district of Zonguldak pits formed asphalt by the contractor firm of the road was removed. The road construction started in Ereğli and the junction of Solak village and Cevizler junction [more…]


No road safety warning

No one pays attention to the warning placed by the Highways: No one pays attention to the warning signs placed by the Regional Directorate of Highways on the South Batman Ring Road. "Spill rubble" in many places along the road route [more…]

Intercity Railways

TÜVASAŞ is Accelerating its National Train Project

TÜVASAŞ Accelerates in the National Train Project: Within the scope of the National Train Project, TCDD, İTÜ and TÜVASAŞ assigned to the National Train Project to evaluate the developments related to the National EMU-DMU Train Sets Project to be produced under the responsibility of TÜVASAŞ. [more…]


Action Plan for Highways Afforestation

Highway Afforestation Action Plan: The studies of Mersin Regional Directorate of Forestry's 'Highways Afforestation Action Plan' covering the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 are continuing. In the statement made by Mersin Regional Directorate of Forestry, 2014 highway and [more…]

Kerch Bridge Contract Signed

Details on Kerch Bridge Project Announced

Details about the Kerch Bridge project, which will connect Russia and the Crimean peninsula and whose investment cost was announced as 3,5 billion dollars, have been revealed. Vedomosti newspaper based on sources close to the Ministry of Transport. [more…]

35 Izmir

What is happening in İZBAN

What's going on in İZBAN: Three separate incidents have occurred on the İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) recently. While two of the events resulted in death, in another incident, the train going in the opposite direction caused the citizens to fear. [more…]

34 Istanbul

High-speed train arriving to ensure Asian-European transition

The high-speed train that will provide the Asia-Europe crossing is coming: In Istanbul, the details of the high-speed train project that will provide the Asia-Europe crossing have been reached for the first time in the MORNING. The construction of the project, which is planned to be integrated into the 3rd bridge and the metro, will start in 2016. [more…]


Konya Organize Tram Gospel

Konya Organizeye Tram Gospel: The chamber of commerce is one of the most important economic locomotives of Konya. I visited President Selçuk Öztürk in Konya Chamber of Commerce. He is working with an intense pace. Many jobs a [more…]

34 Istanbul

Havaray Statement by Mayor Topbaş

Havaray Statement from President Topbaş: President Kadir Topbaş answered the questions of journalists at the “28th Mother Baby Child Fair”, which he attended at CNR EXPO. Topbaş said, “If you do not have the opportunity to open roads, that is, if the expropriation price is too high, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metro solution to traffic in Istanbul

Metro solution to traffic in Istanbul: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez said, “People should be drawn to the subways with different activities to be organized to solve the transportation problem.” Especially in metropolitan cities where transportation is a problem, the metro and [more…]