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What We Don't Know About Trains: What is Travers?

What is a traverse? : In accordance with the railway load transfer model, it is perpendicular to the rails, which transmits the forces acting on the rail to the ballast layer by meeting and spreading it on a wider surface, detecting and protecting the opening of the road and keeping the road on its axis against side effects. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Great interest in the National Train Project

Great interest in the National Train Project: Within the scope of the "National Train Project", approximately 1500 projects are carried out simultaneously for the new railways to be built, especially the railway renovation and logistics center construction works. Planned to be completed by 2023, 13 [more…]

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Bursa will carry the high-tech OSB to 2023 targets

High Technological OIZ Will Bring Bursay to 2023 Targets: The new organized industrial zone (OIZ), which will make Bursa the center of high technology investments, was discussed at the City Council. The prominent names of the city stated that the new OIZ will carry Bursa to 2023 targets. [more…]

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Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy Metro Station (Photo Gallery)

Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy Subway Under Construction Will Be Extended: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor (IMM) Kadir Topbaş made a statement about the Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy metro project. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor (IMM) Kadir Topbaş said, “When these lines are activated, the distance between Mahmutbey and Mecidiyeköy is 26 minutes. [more…]

34 Istanbul

2019 will have 430 mileage system length at XNUMX

Istanbul will have a rail system length of 2019 kilometers in 430: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş said, "When we arrive in 2019, we will have a track length of 430 kilometers." The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who started the works of Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro, Dr. Magnitude [more…]