Erdemli Municipality asphalts the roads of Kumkuyu

Erdemli Municipality asphalts the roads of Kumkuyu: Erdemli Municipality of Mersin continues the asphalt works in the towns which have been transformed into the neighborhood in Kumkuyu.
In a written statement made by the Municipality of Erdemli, the neighborhood has been converted to the neighborhood of coastal cleaning, maintenance and construction of parks and gardens, as well as environmental regulations, asphalt studies continued to be reported at the latest rate. In this context, asphalt works in the Kumkuyu neighborhood, while in the past period about a thousand meters asphalt pavement 400 said.
Erdemli Mayor Mükerrem Tollu made a statement on the works and stated that 400 was a record in the history of Erdemli in the asphalting of a thousand meters. Erdemli Municipality will remain within its new borders and will continue to provide instant services wherever it needs. Erd
Expressing the need for a city to be modern in order to be contemporary, Tollu said: getiren We are able to identify any flaws and shortcomings that are not suitable for our district and immediately correct them ın.
Tollu emphasized that the path that can be used is a right for human beings, and that Erdemli Municipality is among the most successful municipalities in terms of paving service. Expressing that they are very ambitious in this issue, Tollu underlined that they are trying to bring service to every place their hands can reach. Defending that they produce very serious services in the field of paving, Tollu said, “All our citizens see this and congratulate us. We do all these services not for appreciation, but for our citizens, for our district and we will continue to do so with the permission of Allah. The length of the roads we have paved in the past years is a record in Erdemli's history. Now, with the new law, we have started to serve our towns and villages outside the center, which have become the neighborhood of our district. Before this law was passed, we were serving our towns and villages. However, Erdemli will now serve as a whole from Çeşmeli to Kızkalesi. We are serving every aspect of our district, where there is a human being there. We are now programming and executing where our citizens have a wish. Erdemli is living its golden age with these services. I hope it will continue to live, Yaşam he said.

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