34 Istanbul

Metro Alemdağ'a to Work

Metro benefited Alemdağ: It became a rival to Istiklal Street and Bagdat Street, which have been by far the leaders in the field of street retailing in Istanbul for years. It is known as the third valuable street of Istanbul. [more…]

81 Japan

7 Star Rail Palace

7-Star Rail Palace: A Japanese railway company will start train services with ultra-luxury hotel comfort in two years. 10 wagons, 34 passengers, a bullet called 'Shinkansen' [more…]


The way to Antalya-Alanya

Çenol Altıok, Regional Director of Highways, stated that there are a total of 100 intersections between Antalya and Alanya, some of which are signalised, and that due to the large number of intersections, the travel time is reduced. [more…]

Asphalt News

Pebble Solution for Heat Melting Asphalt

Gravel Solution for Hot Melting Asphalt: Gravel solution came from the municipality for hot melting asphalt in Korkuteli. The melted asphalt in Korkuteli district center and Korkuteli-Antalya, Korkuteli-Bucak roads was damaged by Korkuteli Municipality. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt training from Izmit Municipality

Asphalt training for personnel from Izmit Municipality: Izmit Municipality attaches great importance to personnel training. A new one has been added to the personnel trainings previously carried out in many units of the municipality. Science [more…]


What about bridge and motorway revenues?

What will happen to the bridge and highway revenues: The revenues of the bridges and highways will be given to the company to be established by the Privatization Administration. General Director of Highways Cahit Turhan said that the revenues of the bridges and highways will be transferred to the Privatization Administration. [more…]


Warnings in Traffic to Fasting

Warnings in Traffic for Those Who Fast: The Highway Traffic and Road Safety Research Association states that the situation of fasting people in traffic is important and that the daily lifestyle of the person due to nutrition and sahur is important. [more…]


5 will be renewed annually

Driving licenses will be renewed every 5 years: Truck, minibus and bus licenses will be renewed every 5 years, and automobile licenses will be renewed every 10 years. Obtaining and designing driver's licenses [more…]