New fast train sets from Konya-Ankara to 1 hours to 15 minutes

📩 25/11/2018 20:25

Konya-Ankara with the new high-speed train sets 1 hours will be in the minute 15: AK Party Konya deputy Ayse Turkmenoglu, Konya President of the Press Council Ahmet Hakan Bahçıvan was a good visit.

Wishing success to Ahmet Hamak Bahçıvan and his administration in the new era, the Konya Press Council said it was an important value for Konya.
Türkmenoğlu stated that he came to Konya every weekend when he got the opportunity from the general assembly of TBMM and he explained a progress about the high speed train. Turkmenoglu, Konya-Ankara to be used between the new high-speed train sets to the last stage, stating that the hour, the speed of 300 per hour and between Konya-Ankara 1 hour 15 minutes, high-speed train sets, said they expect to come soon.

Konya Press Council President Ahmet Hakan Bahçıvan pointed out the importance of working together with the institutions in the name of the Press Council. Bahçıvan, Turkmenoğlu'na thanked for their kind visits.

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