06 Ankara

Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line opens

Yenimahalle-Şentepe ropeway line opens: Yenimahalle-Şentepe ropeway line, where President Melih Gökçek made his test drive on 19 March, will start to carry passengers from Tuesday. The cable car will serve with 10 cabins, in one direction [more…]


TIR Slammed To East Express 1 Dead

TIR hit the Eastern Express 1 dead: At the Oymaağaç level crossing in KAYSERİ, the TIR belonging to a cargo company hit the 'Eastern Express' going to Ankara. In the accident, 54-year-old Sadettin Çimen, the truck driver, died. 1 of the passenger train [more…]

34 Istanbul

Protest in Istanbul

Protest against the transportation hike in Istanbul: Members of the Community Centers protested the transportation hike in Istanbul by making a free pass from the turnstiles. Members of the People's House in Mecidiyeköy to protest the 10 percent hike in public transportation in Istanbul [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN Partners spoke

IZBAN Partners spoke: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD also commented on the suggestions of experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations on whether the flights will become more frequent in spite of new investments in IZBAN. President Aziz Kocaoğlu, [more…]

34 Istanbul

New route to foreign hotel chains 3. airport

The new route of foreign hotel chains is 3. Airport: 3, the world's leading hotel chains, will be built in Istanbul and will be the largest in Europe. The airport was marked by the surrounding area. Accor, Hilton and Wyndham, investment in the region [more…]

55 Brazil

Test runs on Salvador metro line

Test runs started on the Salvador metro line: 2014 just 2 days before the start of the 11 Football World Cup host matches 1 XNUMX of the city of Salvador in June. The trial operation started. NEW Cumburbaşk [more…]