Workshop Garda Paintings Opened

Atelier Garda Painting Exhibition Opened: Atelier Garda Painting Exhibition was opened by the students of Çankırı Karatekin University Faculty of Fine Arts. Art lovers showed great interest in the exhibition opened at the Çankırı Municipality Train Library. municipality [more…]


Station Regulation Conflicts in Saltukov

Station Arrangement Conflicts in Saltukova: Station arrangement works are continuing in Saltukova town of Çaycuma district of Zonguldak. As part of the renovation of the Irmak-Zonguldak railway line, the railway station in the town is also being organized. Platform and environment [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

BTK Railway line is a world project

BTK is a global project of the railway line: UAV Erzurum Regional Manager Ayhan Türkez, Turkey with Azerbaijan, he said the two states an integral whole nation. During the visit where the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line was discussed, [more…]

Asphalt News

Bağlar Mahallesi wants to pave the roads

Asks for Asphalting of Bağlar Neighborhood Roads: There is no trace of the asphalt work carried out in October of 2013 on the way to Bağlar Neighborhood of Hakkari. The number of families migrating from their villages due to events in the region [more…]


2014 HGS and OGS Criminal Inquiry

2014 HGS and OGS Criminal Inquiry: In the Fast Pass System (HGS), which is launched this year on bridges and highways, a member of the Automatic Pass System (OGS) is a member of the HGS, the passages made from the HGS and the OGS are from June. [more…]


Treasure train

Treasury train: TCDD's giant projects 'Treasury guarantee' comes. According to the article added to the bill at the last minute of the bill, TCDD'nin 3.3 billion pounds required for giant projects in foreign financing 'Treasury guarantee' comes. Today [more…]


Engineers examined Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway works

Engineers examined the works of Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway: Orhangazi Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch members organized a technical trip to the construction of the Gulf Crossing Suspension Bridge of the Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway project, which is one of the most important transportation projects in Turkey. Istanbul-Bursa [more…]


Description of Aft from İntepe Viaduct

Afad's İntepe Viaduct Explanation: Çanakkale Governorship Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency, said that the cracks in the Intepe Viaduct have nothing to do with the earthquake. In a written statement from AFAD, 24 in the Aegean Sea [more…]


Malatya Freeway in Thousand 200

Malatya Ring Road Thousand 200 Will End in Day: Although it has been on the agenda for a long time, the General Directorate of Highways for Malatya Ring Road has officially started the process by issuing the “tender announcement“. general Directorate of Highways [more…]

11 Bilecik

Claims of theft on YHT line 10 detention

10 detention alleged theft on the YHT line: 10 person arrested from the YHT line and allegedly involved in various theft incidents in Bilecik center. According to information received, Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Provincial Police Department [more…]


Description of historical artifacts from highways

Statement on historical artifacts from the highways: General Directorate of Highways made a statement about the historical artifacts on the 3rd Bridge route. In the statement, it was stated that two historical structures were identified in the studies to date, but they are the 3rd bridge. [more…]


Kavacık traffic is resolved

Kavacık traffic gets a solution: With the new road construction and regulation works initiated by the General Directorate of Highways, the traffic problem in Kavacık Square is solved. Kavacık traffic is getting settled within the scope of transportation investments in the district. Beykoz [more…]


Kiğı-Yedisu road works in progress

Kigi-Yedisu road works continue: The construction of the 46 kilometer road between Kigi-Yedisu, which will connect Kigi to Erzincan, continues. It is stated that 46 tunnel and 18 viaduct will be built on 2 kilolmeter road. "Kiğı [more…]


Derince Port tender will be held today

Derince Port tender will be held today: The final bargaining meeting of Derince Port will be held today. According to the statement made by the Privatization Administration, Derince Port, which belongs to the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, has been in operation for 39 years. [more…]


International Road Transport Seminar

International Road Transport Seminar: The International Road Transport Association (IRU) Academy Seminar was held in Dubai to discuss the strategies, plans and actions required to reach international transport targets and to improve trade between countries. [more…]

25 Erzurum

Development approach to winter tourism

Development Approach to Winter Tourism: Ministry of Development Sports and Tourism Sector Experts in Erzurum Winter Sports Center made observations. To review the winter sports and accommodation facilities on-site transferred to the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration and [more…]


Sued for highways

Highways sued: Hakan Yilmaz's father Mehmet Yilmaz Golcukli, a while ago on the D-130 highway Gölcük crossing Mestaş fuel station at the entrance to the motorcycle, was killed as a result of a vehicle crash. Hakan Yilmaz, [more…]


Traffic detectives get ID cards

Traffic detectives get their ID cards: Students studying in Kulu within the scope of the traffic detectives project get their ID cards. Within the scope of "Highway Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan", which entered into force on 31 July 2012, [more…]


Herekede Signage Fiasco

Fiasco of Signage in Hereke: On the highway sign, which takes place within the borders of Hereke, it is written how many kilometers are left to Kocaeli. This situation creates a perception as if Hereke is not within the borders of Kocaeli. However, the sign is [more…]


TFSF 30. Ordinary General Assembly

TŞOF 30th Ordinary General Assembly: TŞOF President Apaydın: “The fact that a single list was held in the general assembly with 5 thousand 40 delegates is an indication of the belief of the community in unity and solidarity”- “With Law No. 6111 [more…]


Avanosta Suspension Bridge Painted

Suspension Bridge in Avanos is Painted: The suspension bridge on Kızılırmak in Avanos district of Nevşehir is being painted by Avanos Municipality teams. Avanos Municipality is carrying out maintenance works on the suspension bridge, which has become the symbol of Avanos. [more…]