06 Ankara

The commando period in the YHT line

Commando period in the YHT line: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul delayed the flight to prevent cable theft events, in order to prevent the Halkalı From Gendarmerie Commando Battalion to Sakarya [more…]

91 India

India train disaster (Photo Gallery)

Train disaster in India: District manager Kundan Kumar, who made a statement about the first accident in the town of Chhapra, said that at least 11 people were derailed when the 4 wagon of the Rajdhani Express passenger train derailed. [more…]


Tender Announcement: Earthworks Art Structures

Earthworks Art Structures Superstructure works will be built REGIONAL DIRECTORATE-1.BÖLGE ISTANBUL GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF HIGHWAYS OF OTHER PRIVATE BUDGET INSTITUTIONS (Gelibolu-Eceabat) Ayr- Anıt City Road KM: 0 + 000-13 + 594,15 Earthworks and Superstructure Works [more…]

35 Izmir

Workers from Izmir to be Transported to Manisa OSB by Train

Workers from İzmir will be transported to Manisa Organized Industrial Zone by Train:Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) Manager Funda Karaboran said that the workers who came to Menemen with İZBAN will be transported from the transfer station in Menemen to MOSB by train. Regarding the transportation problems of the workers [more…]


TCDDden KPSS candidates notice 5 year no transfer

Warning to KPSS candidates from TCDD No transfer for 5 years: The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) stated that the candidates to be appointed to the institution with KPSS-2014/1 will not be able to request a transfer for 5 years. In the announcement made on the website of TCDD, KPSS-2014/1 [more…]


There will be tram on the way to Salamis

There will be a tram on the road to Salamis: Ismail Arter, the candidate of Mayor of Famagusta Municipality, explained his projects at a press conference attended by MPs from UBP and DPUG. Democratic Party National Forces (DPUG) candidate for mayor of Famagusta Municipality [more…]


Underpass Arrives in Service

Underpass in Arifiye Entered: Arifiye Arifbey neighborhood connects Fatih, Cumhuriyet and Neviye Neighborhoods underpass. Within the scope of High Speed ​​Train Project (YHT) realized by TCDD [more…]

35 Izmir

Transportation Regulation in Izmir

Transportation Arrangement in İzmir: No detailed information was shared with the public about the information about when the İZMİR systems will be implemented. IZBAN additional flights could not be commissioned due to insufficiencies in the signaling system. [more…]

Asphalt News

Derelide village roads asphalt and concrete

Derelide village roads are asphalted and concrete: The concrete roads of the village roads tendered by the District Service for Village Villages were started. In the year 2014, Aksu, Alancık, Çal, Çalca, Çamlı, Çengel Village, Eğrianbar, Güdül, [more…]

Asphalt News

Bozüyükte Paving Works Continues

Asphalting Works in Bozüyük Continues: Asphalting works that are started by Bozüyük Municipality in the scope of road arrangement works are continuing throughout the district. Asphalting and asphalt patching carried out by teams of Bozüyük Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]