16 Bursa

Great Interest To The New Cable Car Of Uludag

Great Interest in Uludag's New Cable Car: The cable car, which the people of Bursa show great interest, continues to be the first choice of those who want to go to Uludag and cool off with the warming of the weather. Those who ascend Uludağ without waiting due to the decrease in the ascent time, and those who descend in the evening [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast train surprise from Erdogan

Erdogan's high-speed train surprise: The party, which will announce its candidate on Tuesday, aims to sign a new victory with a feverish work. Erdogan will give the good news of high-speed train. Ankara Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday [more…]


IETT from 24 hours Ramadan Line

24-hour Ramadan Line from IETT: IETT will launch the "Ramadan Line", which it puts into service every Ramadan, this year as well. While some lines are arranged to operate for 24 hours, special lines for the month of Ramadan are [more…]