Intercity Railways

DDY went down from Kaklik for transport

DDY went to Kaklik to reduce the transport: Denizli industrialists objection to State Railways (DDY) has stepped back. The FDI has re-arranged the tariffs for freight transport from Kaklik Logistics Center to Izmir and went to a discount. Governor [more…]

16 Bursa

The hike to BURULAŞ employees is clear

The increase to be made to BURULAŞ employees has been announced: 270 employee of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transportation company BURULAŞ has concluded collective bargaining negotiations. According to the agreement signed between BURULAŞ and Railway Workers Union; in BURULAŞ [more…]

33 France

The Railroad Workers' Strike Continues in France

Railway Workers' Strike Continues in France: The meeting between the Minister of Transport and the union representatives did not yield any results. The strike launched yesterday by workers of the national railway administration in France is paralyzing train transport across the country. Minister of Transport [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT flights in Kizilcek

IETT flights are interrupted in Küçükçekmece: Problems experienced in IETT flights in Küçükçekmece are on the agenda of the IMM council. Küçükçekmece Municipality and IMM Council Member Atty. Erhan Aslaner prepared a written question with the İETT bus in Küçükçekmece District. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Promoting public transport in Istanbul

Raise public transportation fees in Istanbul: According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality website, 1 in Istanbul New regulation has been made on the unchanged public transportation fees since September 2012. According to the UKOME decision, [more…]

33 France

The strike crisis in Europe

Strike crisis in transportation in Europe: Taxi drivers in Europe's major capitals and metropolises went on strike to protest companies that offer taxi services over the internet. Besides London's famous black taxis, Rome, Paris [more…]

34 Istanbul

Third airport scares Germany

The third airport scares Germany: Schulte, Chairman of the Board of Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport, evaluated the third airport. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Board of Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport in Germany, will attend the 3rd Istanbul Airport. [more…]


Sahilyolu underground projects will reach the sea

The projects that will go underground with the coastal road will reach the sea: Mithat Yenigün, the boss of Yenigün İnşaat, said that they plan to make an agreement with the surrounding parcels and to bring the coastal road underground in order to bring the Kazlıçeşme project to the sea. ŞENAY BÜYÜKKÖŞDERE Özak, Ziylan and Delta [more…]


Trabzon will be a city of tunnels

Trabzon will be a city of tunnels: There are 23.7 crossroads, 11 at-grade intersections, 4 tunnels, and a viaduct on the 4 km-long Kanuni Boulevard route that will make Trabzon another Trabzon when it is completed. Trabzon as a [more…]


Karasudan Kaynarca Tunnel Crossing Road

The construction of the Karasu-Kaynarca-Adapazarı multi-storey junction, which was tendered by the 1st Regional Directorate of Highways, was started. Tender partner As İnşaat and Yertaş, besides the junction, Üçoluk, the end point of Dörtyol Işıklar and Kaynarca-Karasu divided road. [more…]


Kelkit Ring Road Decorates Like Lace

Kelkit Ring Road is Decorated Like Lace: Mayor and Highways 10 in Kelkit district of Gümüşhane. Flowering, germination and ornamentation in the middle refuges of the ring road passing through the district in accordance with the protocol signed by the Regional Directorate [more…]


2. The 470 meter of Göcek Tunnel opened

470 meters of Göcek Tunnel has been opened: The 2-meter section of the 470nd pass of Göcek Tunnel, which is being built by the Regional Directorate of Highways on the Fethiye Muğla highway at the Dalaman county border, will provide free service when opened. [more…]


Obligation for Electric Bikes

Document Requirement for Electric Bicycles: Mersin Police Department warned drivers to carry documents, since electric bicycles with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour are classified as motorized bicycles. In a written statement from Mersin Police Department, 2 [more…]