993 Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan finalizes the tender for integrated railway communication project

Turkmenistan has concluded the tender for the integrated railway communication project: Huawei announced the tender decision in the contract for the supply of the GSM-R system for Turkmenistan's Buzhun-Serehtyaka and Bereket-Cilmammet integrated railway project. The lines, which are 133 km and 23 km long, respectively, are on the north-south route and are under construction. When completed, these lines will connect the city of Uzen in Kazakhstan with the cities of Bereket and Etrek in Turkmenistan. [more…]

Intercity Railways

DDY went down from Kaklik for transport

DDY made a discount in the transportation it will make from Kaklık: The objection of the industrialists from Denizli made the State Railways (DDY) take a step back. DDY made a reduction in the tariff of freight transportation from Kaklık Logistics Center to İzmir. Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Honaz District Governor Turgut Gülen, Honaz Mayor Turgut Devecioğlu, Denizli Miners and Marbles Association President Mehmet Çelikkol and board member Samet Gündüz [more…]

7 Russia

Russia Will Use Talgo Wagons Instead Of Siemens In High Speed ​​Train

Russia Will Use Talgo Wagons Instead of Siemens in High-Speed ​​Train: On June 11, 2014, President of Russian Railways Vilademir Yakunin stated that Talgo wagons, which are currently under construction and will work on the Minsk-Warsaw-Berlin line from December 2015, will be used in the next stages, by the currently used Siemens Velaro stated that it will be used instead of Russian train sets. A contract was signed with Talgo company. The wagons are primarily related to the climate. [more…]


Social responsibility project from Diyarbakır Warehouse Directorate (Photo Gallery)

Social responsibility project from Diyarbakir Warehouse Directorate: Hosted by Diyarbakir Warehouse Directorate, Yeşildallı Village Primary School students were shown the train and steam locomotive in Diyarbakir Station and platform within the scope of popularizing trains and increasing interest in Railways. The Deputy Warehouse Manager, Şeyhmus OKTAR, attended the event with the facilities of 51 Road Maintenance and Repair Directorates, Yeşildallı Village Primary School Manager Veysel AL, teachers İrem AKGÜN [more…]

16 Bursa

The hike to BURULAŞ employees is clear

The raise for BURULAŞ employees has been announced: Collective bargaining negotiations involving 270 people working in BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, have been concluded. According to the agreement signed between BURULAŞ and the Railway Workers' Union; The salaries of BURULAŞ employees showed a gross increase of 6 TL for the first 190 months of the first year. Collective bargaining negotiations between BURULAŞ and Railway Workers Union [more…]

33 France

The Railroad Workers' Strike Continues in France

Railway Workers' Strike Continues in France: The meeting between the Minister of Transport and the union representatives did not yield any results. The strike launched yesterday by workers of the national railway administration in France is paralyzing train transport across the country. The meeting of Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier with union representatives who called for a strike this morning did not produce any results. At the meeting of the union executives in the evening, it is decided whether to continue the strike or not. [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Ukrainian passenger transport in Ukraine fell by 70 percent

Passenger transport between Ukraine and Russia fell by 70 percent: Russian railways RJD Vice President Mikhail Akulov reported that passenger transport between Russia and Ukraine has decreased by 70 percent in the last three months. Akulov answered the journalist's question about how much the passenger carrying capacity between the two countries had decreased: “It was fine in January-February. However, these last 3 [more…]

35 Izmir

Most of them are gone but İZBAN flights will be frequent

Most of them are gone, few are left, but will İZBAN flights become more frequent? President Aziz Kocaoğlu examined the works carried out the previous day to extend the İZBAN line, which is the largest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic, to Torbalı (Tepeköy), which was carried out in partnership with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. . Kocaoğlu said, “In our eyes, the job is done. Of course, this is a joint project. we finished together [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT flights in Kizilcek

IETT flights are interrupted in Küçükçekmece: Problems experienced in IETT flights in Küçükçekmece are on the agenda of the IMM council. Küçükçekmece Municipality and IMM Council Member Atty. Erhan Aslaner brought the problems of IETT bus services in the Küçükçekmece District to the parliamentary agenda with the written question he prepared. CHP's Aslaner previously Halkalı-Reminding that Sirkeci Train Expeditions were made and Marmaray was removed due to the works, he said: [more…]


Future Logistics in Turkey and Samsun

The Future of Logistics in Turkey and Samsun: A talk on “The Future of Logistics in Turkey and Samsun” was held by the Logistics Department of Piri Reis Vocational High School. İlkadım District Governor Ahmet Narinoğlu, Ilkadım District Director of National Education Davut Numanoğlu, Bahçeşehir University Transportation Engineering Department Head Prof.Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, school principal Mustafa Şahin, teachers and students attended. Participating as a speaker [more…]

34 Istanbul

Promoting public transport in Istanbul

Increase in public transportation fees in Istanbul: According to the statement on the website of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a new regulation was made in the public transportation fees, which have not changed since September 1, 2012 in Istanbul. According to the UKOME decision, IETT buses, Tünel, Nostalgic Tram, private public buses, Bus AS and rail systems, IDO Sirkeci-Harem Car Ferry, City Lines ferries, private sea engines and Marmaray. [more…]

33 France

The strike crisis in Europe

Strike crisis in transportation in Europe: Taxi drivers in Europe's major capitals and metropolises went on strike to protest companies that offer taxi services over the internet. The drivers of the taxis in Rome, Paris and Berlin, as well as the famous black taxis of London, went on strike. The strike targeted California-based Uber, which offers taxi services via its smartphone app. Uber firm's newcomer to business [more…]


Support from Şehirder to the Raybüs Project

City and Culture Research Association (ŞEHİRDER) President Murat Ertaş welcomed the idea of ​​Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen's use of the existing railway as a light rail system, since they had prepared a Raybus Project in this regard as an association before. He said they were happy because of it. ŞEHİRDER President Ertaş said good luck about the project they prepared in the first days he was elected. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Third airport scares Germany

The third airport scares Germany: Schulte, Chairman of the Board of Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport, evaluated the third airport. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Board of Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport in Germany, said that the third airport to be built in Istanbul will be a challenge for them to overcome. Schulte, in the news in the German News Agency DPA, the new 3 million passenger capacity to be built in Istanbul. [more…]

Asphalt News

Pavement and asphalt mobilization in Kecioren is in full swing

Sidewalk and asphalt mobilization in Keçiören continues at full speed: Keçiören Municipality continues the mobilization it started to eliminate the problems experienced in every area from asphalt to pavement, from curbs to pavement and walking paths in the district. While the street and streets are changing and becoming more beautiful with the infrastructure works of the municipality, the people of Keçiören experience the happiness of living in a clean, comfortable and peaceful district. to urban aesthetics [more…]

Asphalt News

Village roads are being expanded in pain

Village roads in Ağrı are being expanded: Ağrı Special Provincial Administration continues its efforts to increase the stabilized village roads, which are 4 meters wide, to 8 meters. Cesim Gökçe, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, said that they are working on the asphalt construction of stabilized village roads. Providing information about the works carried out, Gökçe said, “On the stabilized roads with a width of 4 meters, two vehicles are driving side by side. [more…]


Sahilyolu underground projects will reach the sea

The projects that will go underground with the coastal road will reach the sea: Mithat Yenigün, the boss of Yenigün İnşaat, said that they plan to make an agreement with the surrounding parcels and to bring the coastal road underground in order to bring the Kazlıçeşme project to the sea. ŞENAY BÜYÜKKÖŞDERE, together with Özak, Ziylan and Delta Groups, in the consortium that won the Kazlıçeşme tender of Emlak Konut GYO with a record offer of 4.2 billion TL, the boss of Yenigün İnşaat, Mithat Yenigün, stated that the date for the project [more…]


Trabzon will be a city of tunnels

Trabzon will be a city of tunnels: There are 23.7 crossroads, 11 at-grade intersections, 4 tunnels, and a viaduct on the 4 km-long Kanuni Boulevard route that will make Trabzon another Trabzon when it is completed. The construction of 3 of the four tunnels to be built on the boulevard that will make Trabzon another Trabzon has started. Excavations in the Yıldızlı, Beşirli and Boztepe tunnels continue at full speed. Kanuni with a length of 23.7 km [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Sincik Yarpuzlu Highway Nailed

Sincik Yarpuzlu Highway is Paved: The Yarpuzlu road in the Sincik district of Adıyaman is being asphalted again by the teams of the Regional Directorate of Highways, within the scope of road construction and repair works. The Sincik Yarpuzlu Highway, which was destroyed by heavy vehicles due to the HEPP built in the region, was taken into maintenance and repair after a long break. He stated that no serious repairs were made on the road that was included in the Highways network about 30 years ago. [more…]


Karasudan Kaynarca Tunnel Crossing Road

Tunnel Passing Road from Karasu to Kaynarca: The construction of the Karasu-Kaynarca-Adapazarı multi-storey junction, which was tendered by the 1st Regional Directorate of Highways, was started. In addition to the junction, the tender partner As İnşaat and Yertaş undertook the construction of the new bridge over the Sakarya River, with a 19-kilometer split road between Dörtyol Işıklar and Üçoluk Mahallesi, the end point of the Kaynarca-Karasu divided road. A tunnel pass on the route [more…]


Kelkit Ring Road Decorates Like Lace

Kelkit Ring Road Is Decorated Like Lace: In the Kelkit district of Gümüşhane, as per the protocol signed between the Municipality and the 10th Regional Directorate of Highways, flowering, germination and decoration works have started in the middle medians of the ring road passing through the district. Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Şen walked along the ring road for 10 kilometers within the scope of the protocol signed between the Municipality Science Affairs Directorate and the 5,5th Regional Directorate of Highways. [more…]


Bursa-Izmir highway has stopped selling

He gave up on selling the Bursa-Izmir highway: Sait Bademlioğlu, who claimed that it passed through the land of the Bursa-Izmir Highway in Bursa's Karacabey District and said that he would close the road to traffic and sell it, said that he gave up the sale process upon an invitation from the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways. He claimed that the Bursa-İzmir Highway passed through his land, that he inherited parcel no. 282, 17 of the block in Çatrik Mevkii, from his father, and that this land was expropriated without his knowledge. [more…]


2. The 470 meter of Göcek Tunnel opened

470 meters of Göcek Tunnel has been opened: The 2-meter section of the second passage of Göcek Tunnel, which is being built by the Regional Directorate of Highways on the Dalaman county border on the Fethiye Muğla highway, was opened. The northern tube project of the Göcek Tunnel with a total length of 470 meters with 868 lanes and a width of 2 meters is being built by Eman Yapı Ekol Kos. highways zone [more…]


Obligation for Electric Bikes

Document Requirement for Electric Bicycles: Mersin Police Department warned drivers to carry documents since electric bikes with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour are classified as motorized bicycles. In a written statement from the Mersin Police Department, reminding the amendment made in the Highway Traffic Regulation dated August 2, 2013, it was stated that electric bicycles with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour are also classified as motorized bicycles. Therefore [more…]