38 Kayseri

The bed capacity of Erciyes ski center will be doubled to 10

The bed capacity of Erciyes Ski Center will increase 10 times: With the hotels to be put into service in Erciyes Ski Center, which is among the important tourism centers of Turkey, the bed capacity will increase from 600 to 6 thousand. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes AŞ, said in a statement to the AA correspondent that there is an important contribution to the Erciyes Mountain within the scope of the Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project, which they started in 2005. [more…]

16 Bursa

Burulaşta Collective Agreement Joy

The Joy of Collective Agreement in Burulaş: According to the agreement signed between 270 people working in BURULAŞ, a subordinate of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, and the Railway Workers' Union, there will be an increase of 6 lira in salaries from BURULAŞ for the first 190 months of the first year. The collective agreement negotiations between BURULAŞ and the Railway Workers Union resulted in a compromise after the traffic. With the positive conclusion of the negotiations concerning 270 workers working in BURULAŞ, [more…]


Logistics center opens Kars economy to foreign trade

Logistics center opens Kars economy to foreign trade: Kars Commodity Exchange (KTB) President İsmet Çelik; "One of the most important issues to be considered for the healthy conduct of border trade is that we approach the political relations with our border neighbors in search of a solution that does not harm our political relations and economic relations," he said. Çelik, in a statement to the AA correspondent, said that especially in recent years, both national and international [more…]

Asphalt News

20 million in tender was made

Tender for 20 million was made in Batman: 'Asphalt road construction, paving stone road and pavement construction, surface coating road construction work' was held in Batman. One of the biggest tenders of recent years in Batman, 'Asphalt road construction, paving stone road and pavement construction, surface coating road construction work' was held. 27 for the tender held in the Batman Municipality conference hall. [more…]


Road And Pavement Works In Karamanda

Road and Sidewalk Works in Karaman Continue: Karaman Municipality continues uninterruptedly its asphalt road and pavement arrangement works spread throughout the city. In the statement made on the subject, it was stated that the teams affiliated to the Municipality Science Affairs continued their work on pavement and road arrangement on 533. Street and on the side roads around Alacasuluk Neighborhood Bus Station, “The old pavements are being completely dismantled and replaced with more modern and modern ones. [more…]

34 Istanbul

MOBİETT application directions to passengers

The directions of the MOBIETT application cause suffering to the passengers: IETT has recently launched a new application to provide ease of transportation to its passengers. Thanks to this application called MOBIETT, which can be downloaded to smart mobile phones, passengers can see the stops around them on the map and the estimated arrival times of all bus lines passing through these stops, in real time, when they share their location information. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt and zoning road work increased in Pursaks

Asphalt and zoning road work has increased in Pursaklar: Ankara Pursaklar Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams did not slow down in May. Having completed the asphalt and patching work of many streets in the district, the teams opened meters of new zoning roads while arranging the existing roads. Pursaklar, the changing face of the capital Ankara, is developing rapidly. Meticulous work in the infrastructure of the rapidly growing district, meters of new zoning road [more…]

Asphalt News

Completing Road Work at the Coast of Mugada

Roadwork on Mugada Beach is Completed: The road works on the Mugada Beach, which are carried out jointly by the Bartın Special Provincial Administration and the Agricultural Services Directorate, have come to an end. While the asphalt works are being completed in the 400 kilometer road project, which is planned to be constructed as 600 meters of concrete-parquet and 1 meters of asphalt pavement on the Mugada Beach, carried out jointly by the Bartın Special Provincial Administration and the Agricultural Services Directorate, the concrete-parquet works are being completed. [more…]


Road Works in Nazilli OSB Continue

Road Works Continuing in Nazilli Organized Industrial Zone: Works on the Nazilli Organized Industrial Zone are continuing rapidly. Work continues on the connection roads extending from the Organized Ring Road to the Small Industrial Site. While the Organized Ring Road works initiated by the Nazilli Municipality continue at full speed, new connection roads are opened from the Organized Ring Road to the Nazili Small Industrial Site. It was carried out by the Nazilli Municipality Science Affairs Directorate. [more…]


Taking the first step in the North Ring Road

The first step is taken on the Northern Ring Road: Antalya gets a new ring road. The first step for the 37-kilometer-long Northern Ring Road is taken by the General Directorate of Highways on 13 June. The increase in the number of vehicles in parallel with the population in Antalya, whose population has exceeded 2 million as a result of the intense migration experienced in recent years, causes disruptions in transportation in the city center from time to time. In terms of number of vehicles in Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara [more…]

98 Iran

Iran, Turkey Railways in the eastern Black Sea summit

At the summit of Iran Turkey, Eastern Black Sea Railway: Railway flash development occurred, which did not fall on the agenda of Trabzon. It turned out that the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, who came to Turkey to make a series of visits, said that during his meeting with President Abdullah Gul at the Çankaya mansion, the Eastern Black Sea Region and Tehran, the capital of Iran, should be connected by railway. Iranian President who came to Turkey after 18 years [more…]


OGS owners can pay attention!

OGS owners beware! You may be in debt: The banks' cancellation of OGS devices with insufficient balance is costly for vehicle owners. Drivers who are considered to have made illegal passes have to pay a fine between 500 TL and 2 thousand TL. According to the report of the complaint: OGS owners, who give automatic payment orders to the bank, are faced with infuriating debts. Banks renew credit card or [more…]


A bridge intersection that will relieve the traffic of Batman ends

The bridge, which will relieve Batman's traffic, is ending: It is stated that the bridge, underpass and junction in the old State Hospital, which will relieve Batman traffic by 80 percent, will be delivered within 2 months. It is aimed to complete the bridge, underpass and intersection in the old State Hospital, which is under construction, after 2 months. Mechanical Engineer Uğur Bekiroğlu, the owner of the company that undertook the construction of the bridge junction, said to see the works in place [more…]


Pedestrian Pavement Study in Derbent

Pedestrian Pavement Work in Derbent: In Kartepe, the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs continue the pedestrian sidewalk arrangements in different parts of the district without slowing down. The teams aim to complete the pedestrian pavement work, which they started to ensure safe pedestrian entrance from the renovated bridge within the scope of Derbent YHT work, by the end of the month and put it into the service of the people of the region. The teams affiliated to Kartepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Kepez Continues

Asphalt Works Continuing in Kepez: Kepez Municipality Science Affairs Directorate is making asphalt of Altınova Honeysuckle Street, which it expanded by building a new canal next to the existing water canal. In order to widen the street, which invites traffic accidents due to its narrowness and whose asphalt has become unusable, a new 1800 meters long, 3 meters deep, 6 meters mouth width will be next to the existing canal. [more…]

Asphalt News

Türel fulfilled its promise of asphalt

Türel Asphalt Fulfilled His Promise: Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel fulfills the promise of hot asphalt he gave to the citizens during his visit to Korkuteli district. Metropolitan teams are covering Fatih Boulevard with hot asphalt. During the visit of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel to Korkuteli recently, citizens demanded that Fatih Boulevard be covered with hot asphalt. Metropolitan Municipality, which took action upon the instruction of President Menderes Türel [more…]


Estram lines in transit stopped in the transformer

The transformer malfunctioned. Transportation on the Estram lines stopped: Due to the problem in the tram lines, transportation in Eskişehir was provided by emergency buses. Due to the malfunction caused by the transformer on İsmet İnönü Street, transportation on some Estram lines stopped between 08.30 and 11.00. At around 8.30 in Eskişehir, the transformer that energized the trams on İsmet İnönü Street exploded with a great noise. Trams were on the way. Citizens [more…]


Boğaziçi Students Follow Istanbul's Traffic

Boğaziçi Students Follow Istanbul Traffic: Boğaziçi University Traffic Control Center, which was implemented by Boğaziçi University together with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was opened. The Intelligent Transportation Systems laboratory, which was established at Boğaziçi University within the scope of the "Traffic Control Center for Universities Project", is the first initiative in Turkey where it is aimed to train basic and applied transportation researches and to train transportation engineers of the future with world data. Laboratories, smart transportation [more…]


MTOSB Wanting Highway Connection

MTOSB Wants Highway Connection: Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB), which realizes one third of Mersin's exports, employs 12 thousand people, and where 4 thousand vehicles enter and exit daily, has a serious road problem due to the lack of highway connection. MTOSB Manager Halil Yılmaz said, “Our only wish is for the highway connection to be implemented as soon as possible.” Approximately 29 kilometers of Mersin-Tarsus highway [more…]

34 Istanbul

When will the third airport be opened

When will the Third Airport be opened: Prime Minister Erdogan said that the third airport, the foundation of which was laid in Istanbul, will be the largest in the world with a passenger capacity of 150 million. Before the groundbreaking, Prime Minister Erdoğan asked the contractor company representative Mehmet Cengiz, “When are we doing it?” he asked and got the answer “2017” from Cengiz. Erdogan said to the citizens in the ceremony area, “The first stage is between 70 million and 90 million passengers a year. [more…]


Pay attention to these roads in Bursa

Attention to these roads in Bursa: Due to the road works carried out by the Highways and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa, lane narrowing is being made on some roads. BURSA URBAN TRAFFIC AND ROAD CONDITION 1. Due to road widening and arrangement works on Bursa - Orhaneli Highway and Bursa-İzmir Highway routes, and due to the construction of İrfaniye bridge junction, lane narrowing was carried out in the study areas. [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN Five stations in Torbalı line and eight gates complete

Five stations and eight crossings on the İZBAN Torbalı line are complete: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the construction of five stations and eight highway crossings on the 30-kilometer İZBAN Torbalı line. Examining the works that will facilitate the transportation of the people of Torbalı, Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş to İzmir, President Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We are happy that we have added a new transportation axis to our city with TCDD.” said. station and [more…]

33 France

Railroad workers in France went on strike

Railway workers strike in France: The strike of the workers of the national railway administration in France has paralyzed train transport throughout the country. The strike, which was called by the four unions of which the employees are members, will end tomorrow. Apart from the domestic railway transportation, the strike also disrupted some international flights. Train services from France to England and Germany were not affected by the strike, while those deviated to Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. [more…]


Pedestrian Pavement Study in Derbent within the scope of YHT study

Pedestrian Pavement Work in Derbent within the scope of YHT work: In Kartepe, the teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs continue the pedestrian sidewalk arrangements in different parts of the district without slowing down. The teams aim to complete the pedestrian pavement work, which they started to ensure safe pedestrian entrance from the renovated bridge within the scope of Derbent YHT work, by the end of the month and put it into the service of the people of the region. To Kartepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Announces preliminary qualification for Construction Supervision Consultancy for Landbridge Project of Saudi Arabia

Announcement of pre-qualification for the Construction Supervision Consultancy for the Landbridge Project of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Railway Company, the railway development institution of the Public Investment Fund, made a preliminary bid for the construction supervision consultancy service tender for the construction of the 1200 km railway line known as the Landbridge project in Saudi Arabia. declared qualification. The project will transfer the existing Railway Organization to Damman on the Gulf coast. [more…]