Trabzon Railway Platform Meeting 15 will be held in May

Trabzon Railway Platform Meeting 15 will be held in May: Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project is on the agenda of Trabzonlular.

Trabzon City Council President and Railway Platform Period Sözcüsü İMO President Mustafa Yaylalı stated that they are going to restructure the railway platform and 15 said that they will hold a new meeting on the structure of the platform in May. After the meeting in May 15-22 will be held in May, all the components will be attended by a general assembly that will take place at the event.

Yaylalı said, m All the platform members and their execution will be re-determined. Members have institutions that want to take part in the platform. We need to get them into this. We're going to do a study in that direction. The platform meeting also takes place in 22 May. The new meeting will focus on all of the railway requirements. Yeni

Afterwards, he emphasized that the determination of Trabzon-Erzincan railway project should be continued during the construction phase. A public reflex should be created against all the protests against the realization of the Trabzon-Erzincan railway project. Trabzon public opinion as a follower of the subject of the railway issue should be expressed. Trabzon's most important agenda item is railroad. The tender should be put into the budget so that the tender can be made as soon as possible. Even if it is put at a small price, this does not come out of the program. Somehow requires the award of the tender. This project should be implemented as soon as possible. This should be the most important agenda item for everyone in the coming months. Ön

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