There Can Be New Accidents at Level Crossing

There may be new accidents in the crossing at the crossroads: The number of deaths in the crossing at the crossroads increased to 2. CHP Battalgazi District Chairman Sarıoğlu who carried out the investigation at the scene, the passage of soil by stacking the solution is not closing, he said.

CHP Battalgazi district lawyer Selahattin Sarioglu on the Battalgazi district Agilyazi neighborhood (village) railroad crossing occurred on the passage of the train on the car, one child 2 person was killed, 1 child was found in the accident where the child was injured.

Sarıoğlu, who went to Ağılyazı for the condolence of the 11-year-old child who was seriously injured in the accident and died despite the interventions, and who made the examination at the level crossing where the accident occurred, said the following:

N As it is known, 20 days ago 23 In January, 17-year-old Mehmet Ali Alkan, 11-year-old Mehmet Atakan Alkan and 9-year-old Senanur Alkan were injured; On the same day, Mehmet Ali and his uncle Mehmet Atakan Alkan, who was taken to the intensive care unit, died on Sunday despite the efforts of the doctors. Thankfully, Atakan's brother Senanur is in good condition because he is protected between the seats. “

Sarıoğlu continued:

“Ağılyazı Village is a place with fertile soil on the shore of Karakaya Dam, 20 km away from the center of Malatya. The Malatya-Elazığ railway line passing through here divides these lands into two as if cutting with a knife. There are houses built on land on both sides of the railway and small settlements. There are transportation problems of houses and lands on the east side of the railway. Because the road passing through it remains on the west side of the railway and on the other side those who have land and especially houses on the land have to pass over the railway. Although the villagers are forbidden, they make their own level crossings by filling the rails where they see fit.

However, it is obvious how dangerous this situation is. However, the compelled citizen has to take this risk. Recently, there were five non-mortal accidents at this location. After the latest accident, the state came to clean these special and primitive passages, excavated both sides and raised obstacles. But this is not the solution.

This method of accumulation of soil by the state does not eliminate the danger. Because the necessity of meeting the necessity makes people take every danger. In this respect, it is certain that the villagers will remove these lands and open their gate after a while. So new accidents, new deaths can be expected.

In the face of this situation, since the state cannot make a level crossing in front of each land, a road should be opened on the other side of the railway by carrying out necessary cadastral works. This road is not difficult to open. Agreements with landowners can be made at low cost. The construction of the road will both prevent such accidents and the external connection cut by the rails will be established and the land of these sides will be valued. However, until the new road is opened, the speed of the trains passing through this environment should be limited and warning signs and signs such as dur stop, and çal whistle mak should be placed here. ”


Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:18

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